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A meeting with IMAN

Last Sunday evening I had another wonderful time meeting familiar faces in this rather new world I am now affiliated with: The world of Medicine. And what’s better? I was able to become a part of a growing ‘family’ of professionals with a two unifying ideologies: Medicine and Islam.
The Islamic Medical Association of the Philippines (IMAN Phil) is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 with the aim to create a massive network of Muslim Professionals and Specialists in the medical field, uniting them not just because they have a single faith (Islam) and profession (doctors), but with the single ideology of serving the ummah of this generation. You can check the website of IMAN here:
The dinner meeting I attended was nothing but a simple informal gathering, organized by IMAN to meet-and-greet the Muslim Medical students in the Manila area. Although only a few of us were able to attend (most of the invited were on duty), it was still a wonderful gathering. The members o…