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A Personal blog by a Tausug medical student (now a doctor!) from Sulu and the stories that inspired him.
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By  ahmad     November 01, 2017  

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah!
(Peace be upon you and the Blessings of Allah!)

His complete name is Ahmad Sampang ibnu (son of) Hajiri  Al-Pandamiyyi. Just call him "Ahmad" :) 

He is a Muslim who was born and raised in Jolo, Sulu and now struggling to survive the challenging life in Manila. 

He loves to read, write, blog, shoot photos, watch anime, read manga, surf the net, travel, hike, swim and just snooze during break time. No, he is no superhero. He is just a random guy you see walking around like a zombie in the hallways of PGH (Philippine General Hospital) during his internship.

He is not a fan of any fashion statement. He believed that outside appearances should come last in assessing the capacity of a person to be someone (naah don't listen to him blabber about those things).

He was formerly known as "Anakiluh" in the past 6 years until he decided to change things for the betterment of this world. He finally learned to accept that it is indeed better to flip the coin and look at brighter sides of the world than succumb ones time and thoughts in the other side (the dark side! hohoho!) Just kidding.

His dream? To finally publish his novels whom he believed will change the world. And oh, be the best community physician in Sulu. Become an Orthopedic surgeon, maybe. And yes, build his own library-cafe that will cater to all the reading needs of the poor kids in Sulu. Such an ambitious guy, isn't he?

You will know more about him by reading his entries in this blog. He simply loved listening to his patients' stories and share them in this blog.

Salam Kasilasa!
-The unpaid writer and editor of this guy

PS. He just recently passed the Physician Licensure Exam last September 2017. He may not look like it, but yes, he is actually a medical doctor by profession.

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