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Why A.Hajiri?

By  ahmad     May 12, 2017  

Why AHajiri?

(Updated October 6, 2013)
Original Article can still be accessed here.


        AIMD is the abbreviation for Anak Iluh sung Mag-Duktur” (literally translated: An orphaned child who wanted to become a doctor someday). This blog was known as "Anak-iluh" then "Anakiluh blog" then "Anakiluh, MD" and eventually "AIMD" for 6 years until the author finally (again) changed its name to "Ahmad ibnu Hajiri" or "A.Hajiri".

What’s this all about? (Content)

A.Hajiri Blog is a collection of essays and write-ups by Ahmad, a young Tausug Blogger (and a big dreamer) from Sulu. Most of the contents in this blog would revolve around any one of the following topics:
  • Personal experiences on: Life of a medstudent, being a Tausug youth, being a Muslim, and the daily things that may or may not have important lessons in the author's own simple life;
  • Anything about Sulu (Hidden history, places, etc.) and the Tausugs (language, traits, traditions, etc.);
  • Some topics on Islam (answers to common questions by non-Muslims); and
  • A lot of random essays 

So, why was A.Hajiri created, again? (Purpose)

A.Hajiri is trying to meet the following purposes (yes, may purpose na rin ang blog na to, finally): In sha Allah to:
  •  Share the author’s thoughts, ideas, experiences, and opinions;
  • Promote Sulu’s hidden beauty
  • Eradicate common misconception on Sulu, Islam, the Tausugs, and the Muslims as a whole;
  • Promote the culture of “seeking for knowledge and struggle for change” in the hearts of the Tausug youths;
  • An avenue for the author to practice and improve his writing skills;
  •  Just an avenue to release the tension within a frustrated writer’s works;

This page was updated May 6, 2015. The older versions of this “Why Anak Iluh” Page (for a better and more complete version about the blog) can still be accessed here.

Salam Kasilasa!


I am faithfully dedicating this humble blog to the following:

1) The my dear homeland: Lupa' Sug (Sulu), and her people, whom I always find my inspirations;
2) To my dearest Ina', Engr. Misba Sampang, who has always been my guiding light;
3) To my father, his memory I will always cherish; and
4) To the Muslim ummah, and my brothers in Islam.

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