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A single Ummah requires unity among the people of the nation. A successful Ummah calls for an eloquent leadership from a strong and faithful Ameer. For all those years that had passed, where is the rightful Ameer that was supposed to lead us towards divine righteousness and positive development? Where is the rightful Ameer of the Ummah?

The May Election is fast approaching: another event full of deceit and ostentatious promises from running politicians with all their “I-can-do-this-and-that”. Promises we only see in papers. Promises that only last a few words, if not of a few minutes only. No one can ever distinguish which is a part of truth in their words. Election is a time for the common people to choose the right man to lead the way. It is so much a crucial decision where the future of the land depends on. But how can the people of a Nation select the right choice if every man in the screen-show of politics does the same thing: promise and nothing more. How are we going to judge; what will be our guidance in choosing those who are capable of uplifting our state? To whom shall we put our trust and our future as well?

Islam stretches the importance of good governance and Politics that plays a vital role in an Islamic society. As stated in the Holy Qur’an:

Behold! Thy lord said to the angels; ‘I will create vicegerent on Earth…” - Al-Baqarah (2):30

Man was created to lead a good example, addressing the need of the people’s concerns and promoting the propagation of Islam. In fact, Rasulullah S.A.W. had shown the world how Islam can bring about positive change and development during the advent of Islam in his time. The only problem the Bangsamoros nowadays have—may be as an effect of the colonial era experienced—is for overlooking the Islamic way of leadership and its principles that contributes to positive development. This laxity of the people frequently resulted to the rampant graft and corruption among our leaders that could be seen in every nook off the province—greatly contributing to the dawdling progress in the Moro areas.

To help us recognize the ‘real’ Leader we've been waiting for , let us glimpse at how Islam sees what a good leader is. Let us know and understand some “Attributes of a good, Islamic Leader”:

1. Ma’rifatud Da’wah (Understanding of the Mission)

An effective leader must know his purpose as a leader, void of selfish intentions and __ claims. He must know both his greatest responsibilities and the obligatory rights his constituents deserved to have so as to serve without any reservations.

2. Self-Cognizance (Knowing owns ability and short-comings)

Without self-cognizance, a leader goes out of control and might keep on doing unnecessary acts that might lead to the destruction of the cause and dismay from his people. A leader must know what he can do and what he cannot.

“A person who wishes to be a leader but without self-cognizance is like a crab trying to crawl straight—which is impossible.” –Imam Ashari Muhammad

Humility is also a prerequisite in attaining this attribute.

3. Wonderful representation.

A leader is a like a mirror in which the followers view to get the correct picture; a model towards righteousness. He must always be the first one to act and not wait for others. He must always help his fellow men in task works that keep on giving orders. He must also multiply his sacrifices more than any other member of the cause do.

“And verily, you (O Muhammad) are on an exalted (Standard of) character.” Al-Qalam (68):4

4. Unveiled and Equal Vision

The ability to give accurate evaluation of any incident or to any man without bias is also an important trait a leader must have. Transparency and equal judgment is an essential factor to maintain the order in a society. These two traits also secure the trust of the people. Complete truth without any stained agenda is an attribute only attained by the most pious men.

“Verily, Allah loves unveiled vision (spiritually enlightened) when faced with doubtful fronted with the promptings of nafs” (or so was said)

“And that when you judge between men, you judge with Justice…” –An-Nisah (4):59

5. Undying Determination

The struggle to uphold Islam requires people with strong determination and tenacity. The ability to overcome difficulties, avoid obstacles and threats, and solve major problems with ease is governed by an Ameer’s undying hope and determination to keep going. This will maintain and fuel the actions of the Ummah as a whole.

6. Optimistic (Tafaul)

Always hoping for future success. This would enable the leader to motivate his fellow men to withstand all the challenges for the struggle.

“O you who believe! If you will aid in the cause of Allah, He will aid you and will plant your feet firmly.” - Muhammad (47):7

“Among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah. Of them, some have completed their vows to the extreme, and some still wait. But they never changed their determination to the least.” –Al-Ahzab (33):23

May Allah, the most Merciful, guide us towards a better tomorrow; guide us in our vital decision of choosing an Ameer that will lead us to the long lost dreams of our Nation: Peace in our land and Governance of Islam Insha’Allah!

{written by Abu-Khuwailid Hajiri—on February 19, 2010, Marawi City, Bangsamor Nation)

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