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A Personal blog by a Tausug medical student (now a doctor!) from Sulu and the stories that inspired him.
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It took me more than three years from my first post in this blog to reach the 5-digit reads up there, and Alhamdulillah, the long duration of waiting for this moment has finally arrived. Finally, after almost four years (my first post was dated January 9, 2009) we have at last reached the 10,000th hit! Hooray! Hooray!

And so, to celebrate this--ehem, ehem-- achievement, let me shout out to the sky…


Kidding aside, it really felt good to have reached that many hits for this humble blog which started basically from scratch and had served as my “trash-can” for the always-rejected-articles I had. From being a personal blog to something I never thought it would be; from discussions on Historical concerns to current events involving my community; from “pampalipas-lang-ng-oras” write-ups to insights regarding problems of the society (and problems I have hehe); this blog had always been another mirror of myself; of how I see things; of what my dreams and aspirations are.

Of course, the 10,000 reads won’t be possible without our readers which are roughly composed of the following:

39% by the accidental readers (those usually searching the keywords: ‘Tausug’, ‘Sulu’, and ‘Anak Iluh’ in Google and other search engines; o included here are the blog-walkers by accident);

48% from my self-accredited ‘avid fans’ (who happen to have nothing to do in their free times and just go here to read, or scan the posts.); and

23% by me, the author ? (who keeps on reading and rereading my posts, checking if I really did it right)
(*Source: Gawa-gawa-lang Statistical Company)


Salamat sa mga nagbigay inspirasyon sa akin magsulat: Mam Sam, Kuya Sohayl, Kah Neldy, Indah Kai, the MV and Scientia pipol to name a few;
Salamat sa mga fans sa inyong patuloy na pagsuporta, mabuhay kayo!
Salamat sa lahat ng mga palaging bumibisita sa blog na’to kahit konteng-konte lang talaga napo-post ko;
Salamat sa lahat ng mga nagbibigay ng kanilang mga hinaing at comments (na nabibilang lang);
Salamat sa lahat ng mga naliligaw sa internet at napadpad sa blog ko (sana ipagpatuloy niyo pa rin yan, nakakatul;ong kayo sa pag-asenso ng ating bayan... goodluck);
Salamat sa mga Blog Groups (Tausug Bloggers atbp), mga blogsites na nagbibigay liwanag sa aking mga katanungan, at sa inspirasyon na rin sa mga ideya;
Salamat sa room-mate kong taga IT nung college, si Ahmad Benjir (actually sa project assignment niya na magdesign ng website kung saan mas natuto ako sa kakatanong sa kanya; dude, dami kong natutunan sa HTML…)
Salamat sa Blogspot, sa pagbibigay katuparan sa isa kong mga pangarap (makapublish ng mga katerbang sulatin), kahit tinanggal mo ako sa AdSense kaa wala akong income;
Salamat sa aking munting laptop, na palaging nao-overwork tuwing may ideyang pumapasok sa kokote ko; pati na rin sa partner niyang mga ballpen na naubusan ng ink, at mga scrap papers na napupulot ko lang sa kung saan-saan;
Salamat sa kung sino pa man ang dapat kong pasalamatan.
At salamat sa’yo kaibigan. Kasi sinamahan mo ako hanggang sa huling parte ng post na ito. :-)
Marahil hindi na ako makakapost ng madalas tulad ng dati, andami na rin kasing mga dapat kong asikasuhin. Pero, InshaAllah, asahan niyong sa tuwing bubuksan niyo ang blog na ito, sa bawat post na mababasa niyo, ay mayroon kayong makikitang kabuluhan (I hope so. Hehe); at mas makikilala niyo ang taong nasa kabila ng lahat ng kaguluhan, este, kasulatan sa munting blog na ito.

Ito po si Anak Iluh, at your service.
(sa susunod na 10,000th read ulit :-D )

Salam Kasilasa!
It was almost 5 in the afternoon when my phone rang, displaying an incoming call from an unknown number. I picked it up and answered the call with the classical "Hello?"

"Salam Utuh Ahmad," a woman's voice was on the other side of the line, "Are you here in MSU? This is Mam Dong"

"Wassalam Ma'am," I replied, wondering why would our High School Registrar call me, "I am not in MSU now, but I can go there right away,"

"Ok, please do. I have an important matter to tell you," now I am getting more curious why I am being called at this time of day.

"Insha Allah Ma'am, I am on my way,"

Let's cut the long story short, I went to the High School department, met Ma'am Dong and our DSA Chairman Sir John, and was informed why I was called there: The High School Department will be holding a Recognition Program for the Honor Students the next day, and--out of time constraints and the desperation of finding anyone to invite, I WILL BE THE ONE TO DELIVER THE INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE!

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