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Sulu Hidden History: the Spanish-built Walled City

By Ahmad Musahari
Free lance Writer
What is the use of knowing the history of other countries if you don't know your own country's? This is my sole impetus of studying little by little the almost-forgotten history of one of the magnificent Sultanate of all seas: the Sulu Sultanate, my homeland of course! But even though my few researches have only reached few results as well, I am still nevertheless excited to share what I have discovered; small pieces of puzzles are parts of a big picture. This blog is about one of my great adventures in finding the remaining historical landmarks in Sulu (even us Tausugs never knew it was there!)
Join me, lets explore once more and find out where the smallest WALLED CITY is! (PS: as you can remember, I have blogged about the "Moro Consciousness week" wherein I promised to fill in the entry about the 'walled City' in Sulu. And here it is: a promise is still a promise ;-) link ===============================…