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Clerkship Day 115: Surgery

(Originally written Nov 24, 2015)
Assalamu Alaykum. 
It's the second day of our clerkship rotation in Surgery, and I am on duty. Maybe I will share a few things about what to expect in Surgery as per our orientation...
1. Surgery 251 or Clinical Clerkship in Surgery II is a four week rotation in our academic curriculum. This is our last rotation for the year 2015 and it's the third of the "Big Four" that we already had rotated in (the other two were Pedia and OBGyne).
2. The block which is composed of 16 students will be divided into 4 teams, namely Teams A, B, C and D. I belonged to Team C. As I understood it, the assignment of team members was randomized (?) and each team must have 2 members from Sub-block A (the first half) and 2 from Sub-block B (the second half).
3. Each team will then be assigned to a particular service for a week, and then will rotate to the other services until all team will be able to rotate in all of the four services. The services are: Gen…