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Welcome to UPCM Family, Class 2020!

Alhamdulillah! (All praise be to Allah!) After the loooong wait, the list of admitted applicants who passed the rigorous application process in UPCM is now up! We now have the initial list of LU3 students (1st year Medicine Proper) for the school year 2015-2016. 
MashaAllah! I can still remember that day when I received the same news, it was still unbelievable for me! Allahu akbar! (Allah is great!) And now I can't believe I am already about to end my third year in UP College of Medicine as an ICC and a proud member of the awesome Class 2017! 
It was a life-changing news for me. And I am sure this will surely be another life-changing news for the 160 applicants as well ^_^ 
To check the list of successful admitted applicants, just click this link
This year, Alhamdulillah we have 3 Muslims (that I know of) ^_^ I already met two of them. And I am not sure if there are still other Muslims in the roster (there are Muslims with non-muslim names you know?). I will make sure to meet all…

Just ask why

When your mind is full of ideas but you lack the words to express them.

I simply keep asking myself "Why?"

Why? really WHy?


The Toxic Magnet

It's official. I am indeed THE toxic magnet in our group.
It was just recently proven last Friday during my short ER duty under the Surgery Department. Just a little over an hour since I logged-in and a number of trauma cases came in one after the other. Two vehicular accident with one of them receiving a compound, comminuted open fracture of the left tibia and fibula (in simpler terms, his bones where crushed and we can see them jotting out from his bleeding legs. He was literally screaming his lungs out due to pain @_@  Yeah, sorry for the bloody description...). Not an hour had passed and another patient was brought to us, unconscious and barely breathing. What happened? He tried to kill himself by hanging with a rope x_x Good thing our DEM doctors are really good at "reviving" (?) patients. He was given proper resuscitation procedures while we try to interview his family members what really happened and how long he had been "hanged".
It was just a few hour…

The life we live

Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you all)
I was still conducting my history taking with a patient in the out-patient department under TCVS (Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery) when I received a sad news. A good friend of mine died just the morning of that day in the hospital.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajiun. (Indeed we are from Allah and to Him we shall all return)
He was still young, around his 20s. He was a cheerful classmate, a very good-natured guy. And above all else he was a humble, righteous and sincere Muslim brother. He died on a blessed Friday which is a wonderful sign. He lived a short yet satisfied life. May Allah be pleased with him and his deeds and accept him with His boundless mercy. May Allah lighten his grave and make things easy for him to enter Jannah in sha Allah. Allahumma ameen. And May Allah make our deaths as peaceful and as blessed as that wonderful brother had.
Indeed life is nothing but a fleeting hour-glass just waiting for that last grain to drain ou…


It was February 22, 2015 when I finally crossed out one of my Bucket lists: Visit Baguio City!   
The plan to go to Baguio was already planned 2 years ago with some Muslim brothers that I met in Manila. Who are we and what do we do?
Well, we are a group of Muslim students and young professionals (all male) mostly friends and acquaintance of one another. And during the past two years, we usually gather once in a while, mostly during weekends or during holidays and spend time talking about Islam and our roles as young leaders in the society (naks). Sometimes we talk about how we can improve ourselves and dealing with the daily challenges we meet. Or at times maybe we just go around town and try different coffee shops , looking for good "study place" while we do our own separate "projects" and "assignments". 
Later on, these "gatherings" became more frequent and the Muslim brothers attending are increasing in numbers. We were hosted by a very hospi…

Two Months Left

It was a cold night after my sister's wedding in Sulu. I have to catch the last trip to Zamboanga even though I failed to buy my own ticket (the vessel was already fully booked the day before!) This was not new to me, racing with time, catching trips, no tickets. I am well aware and familiar on what to do: Find a vacant bed and wait till the ship departs. If it's still vacant by that time, then good for you. But if not, then repeat until you exhaust all measures where you end up with the last plan: the rooftop. 
Honestly I have done it a couple of times. Alone. But this time it's something really different. I was not alone. I have 11 other passengers with me. ELEVEN NO-TICKET PASSENGERS! Half of them were students like me, mostly cousins who have exams the next day. While the other half (5 of them) were professional photographers my sister hired for her wedding. They, too have to join in with the unexpected adventure. 
We have no choice. It was the last trip to Zamboanga.…