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By  AhmadMD _     April 11, 2015    Labels:,,, 

It was February 22, 2015 when I finally crossed out one of my Bucket lists: Visit Baguio City!   

The plan to go to Baguio was already planned 2 years ago with some Muslim brothers that I met in Manila. Who are we and what do we do?

Well, we are a group of Muslim students and young professionals (all male) mostly friends and acquaintance of one another. And during the past two years, we usually gather once in a while, mostly during weekends or during holidays and spend time talking about Islam and our roles as young leaders in the society (naks). Sometimes we talk about how we can improve ourselves and dealing with the daily challenges we meet. Or at times maybe we just go around town and try different coffee shops , looking for good "study place" while we do our own separate "projects" and "assignments". 

Later on, these "gatherings" became more frequent and the Muslim brothers attending are increasing in numbers. We were hosted by a very hospitable "Abe" (or "kuya"), a Turkish friend who would always offer his dormitory and even his brothers' restaurant for us to gather. It became formalized that we finally had a module to follow and we would once in a while conduct exams as well. It was then that the "Baguio Trip" was raised and revived.

And so the plan was polished and preparations done. The schedule was fixed and we were all set to go! And so here is my 2 nights and 1 day travelogue on my first visit to the Summer Capital of Philippines: Baguio City! 

NOTE: This post is mostly composed of photos.

DAY 1: Off to Baguio!

It was a long ride... Had to fight boredom with my Camera

Solitude house in Baguio CIty

We are seeing some signs! We are almost there! (after a few more hours perhaps?)

The roads are clear

Panagbenga 2015.
It was during the peak of PanagBenga Festival in Baguio that we went there

Exhausted and starving!
We finally arrived in Baguio. Brrr it was really freezing out there

The Musim brothers and our Turkish hosts
The Nghtwalkers

Upon arrival and after we had our Dinner and finished our Salah, some of us went to bed already while the more adventurous ones (including me) went out for a short walk. We wont be staying long in the city so it's best to make use of the tie we have.

Would love to check the archives in this library. But it's already night time

flowers baguio night
Night flowers..
Burnham Park

Somewhere in Burnham Park

Taking another pose

Then we wen to the street market. It was just like the Divisoria in Manila or "Juwalmura" in Sulu
Only in a rather cold setting

So many people around

DAY 2 More tours!

The second day after the freezing night, we went for another round of walk/jog. There were only 4 of us who went out to see Burnham Park again. 

In search of a hot coffee...

With Brother Yassen. We were the "Originals" who started the "gathering"

Checking out some souvenir shirts

Aahh the sun is up and it's still cold....


We went back to our host's place and by then they were already preparing the breakfast. They told us that we will spend and eat "brunch" at Camp John Hay (at first I heard it "Com Chang Hey", so I thought it was some Chinese place hahaha) .

Camp John Hay wonderful Place
Arriving at Camp John Hay

And this is what welcomed us!
MashaAllah I have never seen pine trees as high as these!
Those in Marawi City became dwarf-pines!

The Muslim Brothers for a better society.
With Dr. Abdelhamit (in red polo at the center) our host.

Striking a pose. It was too shiny I went all white!

And the delicious meal was served. Bismillah!

We only have a limited time as most of us have to go back to Manila by night time. (We have classes the next day! haha) And so we were asked to decide where to go next: The Strawberry Farm or the Mine's View Park. Both place are really highly suggested but the group decided to go to the former as most of us haven't tried picking up fresh strawberries in our whole life!

And so off we go!
Going through the City proper, this actually amazed me. The houses in Baguio are all piled up in hills.

The city is really getting overpopulated -_-

And here we come!

So, BSU owned the Strawberry farm? Awesome.

Tasted both the freshly picked strawberry and the Strawberry-flavored Ice cream. Yummy

The farm.

(the photo above, the first one, was taken here)


As all stories have their endings, our short visit to Baguio City also has to end as well. After our trip to the Strawberry farm, we went back to our hosts' place, took some snacks and brought all our stuffs back to Manila -_- Well there was something good that happened before we left. The city, maybe saddened that we are already on our way back home, sent us a parting gift: FOGS!

Yes, the city was engulfed in mystic fogs (more intense than those I have seen in Marawi)  as we exited the City. Bdding us farewell and perhaps telling us to come by visit some day in the future in sha Allah. Perhaps I will. Perhaps I will in sha Allah!

Saying good bye

The irony of this signage. We are just about to exit the City and it says "Welcome" haha


Got some cool photos as remembrance



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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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