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Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you!)

We are already halfway through FCH 251: Integrated Clerkship II in Family and Community Medicine. Our Sub-group, Block 7A recently ended our 2-week rotation at Community Medicine. Alhamdulillah, another wonderful experience to share ^_^

We started our first week doing the 3-day orientations (yes, I'm serious!): Orientations at Manila Health Department, Fabella Health Center, then Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) in UP-PGH, and so on. The rest of the week were spent on two things: Doing consultations and Public health lectures at Fabella Health Center (FCH) and attending SGDs and lectures. We also have our two-time 10-hr duty at the Ambulatory Dept (AMBU) during the weekends. 

The first of three orientations! haha

With our awesome LO Axis at the meeting/waiting area: the undying medstones!

The Consultations Area. That awesome painting at the back gives much more life (?) to this place. Although the original artist remains a mystery to all....

Pose pa more!

Dr. Lopao on PhilSick, I mean PhilHealth :P

PHL on Common Skin Diseases at Fabella Health Center

Well, compared to Pediatrics, this was way less toxic. Just compare the 34-hr duty to the 10-hr duty! Thank God we have professors in DFCM who understand us students in terms of having enough sleep :P It is indeed a wonderful blessing that we will surely treasure (say huwaat?). In FHC, we do have pedia patients but most of them are not as toxic and complicated as those in the past rotation we had (Pedia). We were surely glad to have finished Pedia rotation before coming to FamMed. 

Fabella Health Center
We conducted consultations in FCH during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (Tuesdays were reserved for SGDs and Thursdays for the Department conferences). Mornings were for consultations and afternoons were designated for Pre-Natal check-ups. We often encounter common cases in community settings as URTI, UTI, conjunctivitis, scabies but we do get some weird cases once in a while. We have residents and consultants who check on us every now and then. Plus Dr. Raduvan, the Health Officer is always at the FCH the whole time to help us. Honestly this is one good way to prepare ourselves in dealing with multiple cases--from IM, Derma, Pedia to OB. That's a plus as well for our next rotations, especially OB-GYN next month @_@ --PS. I don't really like OB that much. Too bloody messy *British accent*

Anyway, as a requirement, we have these sheets of patient logs to be filled. I think I got around 16 to 18 patients in total. Most are Pedia ^_^ hmmm Is this a calling? haha
Food Trips!
We also enjoy going out during lunch after our morning shifts. What we usually do is walk along Singalong or Taft and find a good eating place for lunch. The "places" we find though are pretty painful to our wallets :( really need to bring my baons next time haha. 

Council on Health and Development
Our Sub-sub-group (yeah we do that often haha), the awesome Block 7A2 had the opportunity to be assigned at CHD in Quezon City for a half-day service on community settings but now connected with Non-Government Organizations. The CHD is the health arm of the CBHP (Community Based Health Programs) in the Philippines and its the only branch so far in the country. They tend to organized poors in the community. (Organized poor means those marginalized people who joined hands to fight for their rights. Among these are Lumad groups, Labor workers, women sectors, etc.) 

Serving the people at Council for Health and Development (CHD)
 During our short stay, we found out that they also do acupuncture sessions with their patients. And I was glad that I finished my Elective on Traditional Medicine last year and I learned how to do a little acupuncture (on strictly basic points only!). And so, while waiting for our patients, here's what we did: We tried acupuncture on ourselves! haha! Well, technically I WAS the one who punctured them hehe. All three of my classmates haven't experienced it yet, so it was something they were excited to try. And so they did ^_^

I am not that confident if I did it right though ahaha. No worries, nothing terrible happened to them. And I have a real acupuncturist guiding me anyway. I do hope their first acupuncture experience with me wasn't that traumatic haha.

"Puncture me not" :)
Another awesome food trip after CHD. The Pizza and Pasta in A Venito are too awesome to resist!

And that ends my report on our 2nd week at Family and Community Medicine and our 6th week in clerkship. I wonder what further adventures are in store for us to discover in the future? Let's find out soon! haha!

Signing off!
Ahmad ibn Hajiri

Our next stop: Hospice Care and Family medicine for two weeks.

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