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Home-made scrubs by me and my Mother

Bismillah. I have been avoiding posting here in my blog for some reasons... I still cant organize the messy compartment in my head sooo I have intentionally delayed publishing many posts since last year... But don't be sad guys, I am going to share you a fun and happy post here :)
This is my new pair of scrub suits. Cool aren't they? Where did I bought them you asked? In a store full of medical equipment? nope. This my friends, were made by my mother when I last went home to Sulu...

You see, my mother loves sewing. It's her new hobby (aside from being a workaholic, all-day-all-night mother slash librarian slash high school teacher slash cook slash house manager slash.. oh you already got my point so...) when I asked her if she can make some pair of scrub suits for me... The next day she went to the "Juwal-mura" (local "ukay-ukay") and bought meters of blue-grey cloth and started doing her magic...

Finding my way

Medschool had taught me a lot of things in life. Maybe some I learned listening to hours of lectures and Clinico-Pathologic Case presentations; some I gnawed through sleepless nights from pages of books and transcriptions reading, trying as much to remember as much as my short memory-lane can handle; some I learned repeating what our preceptors would tell us to do (do this, do that, touch this, put your finger here, listen to this sound, observe the color of his eyes); and some from hours of standing asking our patients from what they had in yesterday's breakfast up to the color and characteristics of their stools (yes we do that often). All these exciting discoveries I enjoyed somehow, one way or the other. But what strike me most of the times are those that I have to learn painfully: through constant failures and disappointments... to some point that I have utterly lost my way on what you call 'self esteem'. The last part, I don't think I am enjoying them …