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Emergency Room
Surgical Trauma Rotator

It was just another regular evening on a 24-hour duty at the Emergency Department (ED or ER, for most of us). I was one of the only two Trauma Interns on duty and was just taking a break from charting a very long list of patients--ranging from those who fell from stairs to those intoxicated madmen stabbing each other to death! It's a rare occasion for Trauma ER to have no patients in 3 hours time so I grabbed that opportunity to go out and buy a cold drink at the ER kiosk (it was around 1AM by the way). 

On my way back to our station in the Acute Care Unit (ACU), I could see the Triage was already in a mess. There were piles of stretcher-beds (with a patient of course) and hordes of their watchers waiting to be seen by our TO (triage officer). Where was the TO, you asked? I wouldn't be surprised to see her in the resuscitation bay (RB), well--resuscitating a patient. And I was not wrong: There was an on-going "double code" at the RB.

*Double code by the way means: having two "code blue" at the same time. One code blue is already exhausting and would require all the available health personnel to be present, to help out and do the ACLS, to save a patient whose heart suddenly stopped. Now multiply that to two and take the number of the personnel by half. That's one helluva job to do! Plus, it's that time of the year where we have no Clerks rotating in DEMS. So yeah. Bummer.

Internship ends in a few days (July 1 to be exact) and since March 22, we started the #Last100Days of Internship countdown. Those who are following my Instagram account would know that I have been posting random pics with the countdown numbers (see above photos). I tried my best to complete the 100 days but it was just so hard! haha.

And now, who would have thought that we are now down to the last 50 days! It happened so fast! I can't even believe that the ten months of internship--no, the FIVE YEARS in Medical School is about to end! SubhanaAllah! 

I do not even know what to feel right now. Should I be excited, because everything's about to end? Or should I be anxious and scared, because... well, because the daunting future that lies before me is certainly scary! (read: Board exams, being a full-pledged MD, too much expectations from everyone...)

Still, as I keep on recounting the remaining days of internship, I just can't help but look back... those enumerable experiences--both sweet and painful ones-- those irreplaceable learning we gained both in and outside the hospital... I can't even start to count them all. Ma shaa Allah! Indeed I am grateful to Allah for all the blessings I had while in UP-PGH... I may not be seeing this hospital for a few years after graduation, but I am sure I will always look back to those memories.

Enough drama.
Cheers for the last 50 days as a Medical Intern in UP-Philippine General Hospital! Let's make the most of it in sha Allah!

(follow me in IG: @ahmadhajiri to see the remaining 49 days countdown in PGH! :)

Salam Kasilasa!

-Ahmad ibnu Hajiri

PS. Ramadhan countdown is on the way as well! Alhamdulillah!

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