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Deactivated my FB Account

I recently deactivated my facebook account for good.  Why? First for personal reasons, and second, I just had enough of all these non-sense in that site. Indeed I have  a lot of things that would make things easier for me, but I have to sacrifice that for a better option. Communications now will be thru email or mobile phones.
Pls keep posted. = = = = 

Internship in Ophtha

Internship Day 1 to 14 Weeks 1 to 2 From July 1 to 14, 2016

General Info:
Duration of Rotation: 2 weeks Number of students: 10-13 (depends on number per block) Important hours: Time in: 7:00 AM Time out: 5:00 PM Wearing coats REQUIRED on OPD! Allowed to be removed when on ER/Ward Duty. Duties: Two posts: One Ward Intern-on-Duty (WIOD) and one ER Intern on Duty (EIOD) from 7AM to 7AM the next day. How often? Depends. We were 10 in our block, and there were only 2 interns on duty per day, so we have 5 pairs rotating “duties” every 5 days. So chill! True Posts? Nope. But post-duties can go home early (12noon) if allowed by consultants/residents. SIC work: Only WIODs do the SICs of 12-20 patients in the ward. With clerks? Yes. But we were the unfortunate (or fortunate) interns who had no clerks yet on our first month in internship. Residents/Fellows Very approachable (most of them save one particular resident—I won’t name him/her! Haha!) They really teach if you ask quest…