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Awakening the Moro Consciousness

By Ahmad Musahari Freelance Writer, MSU-Main Marawi City / asmusahari@gmail.comMARAWI CITY—“GREEN Ribbon is the color of Peace that Islam brought to us and Yellow ribbon represents the Royalty and Glory that the Bangsamoro had way back in time,” Mr. Drieza Lininding told me when I inquired about the Green and yellow ribbon campaign during the one-week Moro Consciousness celebration last August 23-30, 2010.Mr. Lininding, more known as “Kaka Drieza”, was among the prominent people in Marawi City who spearheaded the one-week activity along with known Organizations such as the Bangsamoro Young Leaders (BYL), Bangsamoro Youth Volunteer’s Program (BYVP), Inspired Young Optimist Guild (IYOG), Al-Muhsinun Student Association, and Ranao Council Student Assembly (RCSA). [Other organizations I may have failed to mention here]. Other prominent names who fully supported this cause were Journalist Samira Ali Gutoc and Prof. Abhoud Syed Lingga. The One week Program highlight…