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By Ahmad Musahari

Freelance Writer, MSU-Main Marawi City

www.anak-iluh.blogspot.com / asmusahari@gmail.com

MARAWI CITY—“GREEN Ribbon is the color of Peace that Islam brought to us and Yellow ribbon represents the Royalty and Glory that the Bangsamoro had way back in time,” Mr. Drieza Lininding told me when I inquired about the Green and yellow ribbon campaign during the one-week Moro Consciousness celebration last August 23-30, 2010.

Mr. Lininding, more known as “Kaka Drieza”, was among the prominent people in Marawi City who spearheaded the one-week activity along with known Organizations such as the Bangsamoro Young Leaders (BYL), Bangsamoro Youth Volunteer’s Program (BYVP), Inspired Young Optimist Guild (IYOG), Al-Muhsinun Student Association, and Ranao Council Student Assembly (RCSA). [Other organizations I may have failed to mention here]. Other prominent names who fully supported this cause were Journalist Samira Ali Gutoc and Prof. Abhoud Syed Lingga. The One week Program highlighted Series of Forums held in MSU Main Campus (Aug. 24) and Banggolo, Downtown Marawi (Aug. 27), and also (my favorite) two Photo-Exhibits in the same stated areas on Aug 25-56 and Aug. 28-30 respectively.

A streamer in MSU Main Campus

I would love to talk about the photo-exhibit here (kasi yun lang unfortunately ang na-attendan ko). What amazed me so much about it is the valuable showcasing of photos of our time-old almost-forgotten history. The history of our Ancestors who never ceased to fight for the freedom we had once: the story that brought about our present struggles; the story of the past that molded our visions and aspirations for our Rights and Freedom! Indeed, the photos were all unique and hard-to-find direct sources. In fact, most of those photos were not found in History books I know! They were part of the missing pieces of the big puzzle; a missing treasure that the young minds like me have been searching so for long. And now I just can’t believe that I have them there, right before my eyes! And you just can’t help yourself but be moved. Indeed our sleeping conscience was finally awakened.

MSU Students were amazed by the wonderful

display of our history

Indeed, the Moro Consciousness week, along with its theme: “Celebrating Centuries of Moro History and Identity,” is an event worth celebrating. Through these activities, we learned a lot of things about our Moro Identity. That (1) at least, the young generations became more aware of what really happened hundreds of years back then; (2) that at least, some patches of the puzzle came out and our history became more complete; (3) that at least, the fire and spirit to fight for the Bangsamoro Right to determination was again ignited; (it was evident then by how many students participated in the activity that our Ancestors had left behind for us to continue, are still burning in the hearts of the new Moro generation); and (4) at least, at a single moment the different Moro Tribes became united once again. That some way somehow we came to think: that it won’t matter which tribe you belong (Tausug, Meranao, Maguindanaon, Iranun, Kaagan, Yakan, Sama, and the rest) or where you came from (Marawi, Maguindanao, Palawan, Cotabato, Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, or Tawi-Tawi), WE ALL SHARE THE SAME PAST, THE SAME BEGINNING, THE SAME HISTORY that brought us all together as one: WE ARE ALL BANGSAMORO PEOPLE (yellow) and WE ARE MUSLIMS (green) above all.

The Organizers. Far right is Kakah Drieza.

Once again, I salute the organizers of this grandeur event that brought about the success of the whole program and I pray that such kind of activities will keep on living longer. Let us keep the ypung generation more aware of where they came from and what they can do for the betterment of our homeland. Remember that The young bloods of Today were the dreams of our Ancestors’ heritage, and they will always be the hope of our Tomorrow’s Land!” Let us never surrender. Keep these legacies burning!

Long live Bangsamoro land! Long Live my Brothers in Islam! Allahu Akbar!

Blessed Ramadhan to all and an advance Eid al-Mubarak!!!


P.S. I have another post about the remaining Relics of Sulu’s Past. Please keep in touch.

More photos:

The freedom wall that bore the cry of the young Blood Bangsamoros:


A sample of the photos exhibited. the caption states:

"Asturias gate, opposite of Pier gate, Jolo, captured early 1900s"

This gate is already gone but the walls are still there.

(another blog about these gates: here)

Yup that's me.


The author, Mr. Musahari is a free lance writer stationed in Marawi City.

Once worked with Ms. Samira Gutoc as her Media Officer and chief Photo-documentor.

Now, Studying BS.Zoology at MSU-Main, Marawi City and is

concurrently among the Photojournalist of the School Publication.

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