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(Translated from the original piece written in Bahasa Sug: Hinapusan hagas, published Sept. 8, 2013)


It was one of those days as an LU4 student when we had our bedside preceptorials in Philippine General Hospital (PGH) as part of our class activity when this happened. My group was assigned in the Pedia wards and was assigned to a patient with a lung disease to check and try to learn how to properly identify and diagnose a probable disease. We also had a preceptor, a Pediatrician who will guide us along the course of the preceptorials.

Upon entering the wards, one simlpy cannot help but feel saddened by the state of the patients in PGH, especially if they are kids. You will see different patients with different ailments: some have enlarged heads, some had bandages on their tiny arms, some were inside these tiny incubator boxes, some had tubes in their mouth, and some are even too young to be there (just some weeks or months old! Poor thing! (-_-).

We arrived at our patient’s bed and were introduced by our preceptor to his mother. The preceptor then started discussing things, the basics and approach to a pediatric patient. Some of us started talking with the mother to get pertinent history of the patient’s disease. while another set of students were already playing with the one-year old child to get the child’s attention and liking. But me being the inattentive one, was actually observing another patient back then.

Of all the patients in that ward, I can’t help but notice this patient lying on a bed not far from us. A boy of about 10 years of age. Just looking at him and you can fairly conclude that he is really sick and already toxic. He had this yellowish skin (jaundice), enlarged abdomen and sunken eyes. A number of IV fluids were hanging beside his bed and he had a nasal canula placed on him connected to an oxygen tank nearby. He appeared really weak and lethargic, he can even barely open his eyes that well. But he was awake back then, as he was being fed by an older male companion (perhaps his father?), giving him some spoonful of porridge. An older, weary-looking woman was sitting beside him, caressing his arms, keeping him warm. By the way she look at him, I could fairly conclude that this one is his mother.

And then I observed him trying to talk to her mom, as if wanting to say something to her. And as if getting that cue, she stood up and came closer to him. I saw her leaned and placed her ears close to the kid’s lips. He was whispering something. Maybe he was thirsty, or he needs to go to the toilet, I assumed.

Originally written: September 8, 2013


Hambuuk adlaw awn kami pagtawagun preceptorials ha PGH (Philippine General Hospital). Didtu kami ha Pediatrics Ward, manga bata’-bata násakit in dáhun namu’ magbissara iban chek-upun. Awn da isab kami preceptor atawa mastal duktur da isab maghindu’ kamu sin unu in hinangun.

Pagsuwd na mán pa ward, kasusahan na tuud in dumagpak pa mata mu. Kakitaan mu in taud sin bata’-bata’ násakit: yaun na in nanghuhubag in uw, kiyapapalian, sampay agun ampa pila bulan in ummul sa siyasangunan na oxygen iban IV fluid (dextrose laung sin Tausug). Kiyarihilan man kami pasyente, nagtagna’ na in mastal maghindu’ kámu’. Awn na kaybanan ha mga iban ku in dimá nagbissara iban ina’ sin bata’-bata’, in kaybanan isab dimá naa nagpanayam iban bata’-bata’ bat lumuwt kanila. Sa’ in aku dugaing in kiyajagahan ku.

Ha katan sin manga bata’-bata’ násakit ha ward yadtu, hambuuk kanila in kiya-idlapan ku. Hambuuk bata’-bata’ usug mag-ummulan hatiku manga hangpu’-tagduwa tahun. In kahalan niya gaid sin katilusan mu tuud sin landu’ na “toxic” in baran niya: námiyaning na in baran niya dayng ha bayhu’ sampay pa pád siki niya (jaundice), nanglulunuk na siya ha kukulangan, agun di’ na misan makahibal sin lima niya, di’ na makabulat sin mata niya marayaw. 

Siyasangunan na siya huws madtu mari, in huws-oxygen tumabang magpanapas kaniya yadtu na ha lawm guwng-guwngan niya. Gaid sin mang-luuyluuy tuud in pangatayan mu pagkita’ mu kaniya. Awn duwa tau nagjajaga kaniya, in hambuuk malaas usug nagsusungit kaniya mistang, in hambuuk isab babai magulang-gulang dayng kaniya yaun siyasapu-sapu in lima niya. Day’day’ pa, siminyal in bata’-bata’ pa babai, biya’ awn kabayaan niya hibayta’. Kiyahátihan da isab sin babai yaun hangkan simmuk siya ampa diyu’mul in taynga niya pa simud sin bata’-bata’. Himagas-hagas in abta’-bata’ pa babai. Adakala mabaya’ siya minum, atawa kan iyhi’ siya, yadtu natali’ ku. 

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