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By Ahmad Musahari
Published in www.anakiluh.blogspot.com, August 27, 2011

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. All praise is due to Him, the Lord of all beings, both seen and unseen. I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad (PBUH) is his last Messenger. Peace and Blessings be upon the Prophet and all his companions, and to all the Muslims in the world.

In recent days, the news about the approaching Peace Agreement between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Government of the Philippines (GRP) had never skipped the news headlines. From the secret meeting in Tokyo, Japan, the submission of MILF’s Proposal for the peace talks, up until the reply of counter-proposal of the government last August 24, the ears of the people were sticking to updates. And of course, the presence of mixed and different reactions from the people will always be inevitable.

There are those who are hopeful; seeing this event as a ‘great step’ from both parties to finally have a ‘real’ peace deal to attain a better tomorrow for Mindanao. There are others who are still weary and unsure of the development of these meetings. They feel that things like this would not always go the easy way. And then, we have the strongly doubtful ones: Those who believe that this latest plan for a peace deal is nothing but a waste of time. Another possibility of repeating history, just like the 2008 MOA-AD issue, was their main concern. In which team you might be in, there are just too many things at stake now. Too much time had been gone. Too many opportunities had been missed. Too many tries that failed.  Too many lands devastated. Too many dreams destroyed. Too many lives sacrificed. Too much blood had been shed. This is just enough! And something somehow must be done!

August 27, 2011

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Greetings of Peace!

I am Ahmad S. Musahari, the student-scholar of the Rasul Family who asked for assistance for admission in UP Medicine last March 2011. Although I wasn’t able to submit my papers on time—due to my own shortcomings—and missed that great opportunity, I was able to see another great blessing I had. I realized how much blessed I was of having a number of people behind me, always ready to give a hand it times of need. My disappointments in failing to enroll for this year’s admission, would never be a reason for me to forget and be unthankful to those who gave their time and helped me at those times.

Please know that I am very much grateful to the Rasul Family, especially the former Sen. Santanina Rasul and Ms. Amina Rasul, for the enumerable help they had never hesitated to give me. They had never stopped helping us Muslim Youths who aspired for greater education and to render better services for the community. They never ceased to believe that our Muslim Youth certainly can make a change. Most of my leadership learning and aspirations were rooted with the hope of being one of them someday. 

Community works are things I always love doing. Spending time serving your people is something worth spending your life with. Not just that is so satisfying to the 'heart', you will also feel 'accomplished' and 'angelic' or 'good' every time you do something that somehow helped other people. 

And Ramadhan is the greatest time to do it. Where all your blessings will be multiplied by the Great Creator, InshaAllah!

I am proud to present and yet humbly inviting everyone to attend and participate in one of these two 'great' opportunities to serve the Muslim Community here in Mindanao. First is the Ramadhan Medical Mission in Zamboanga City to be initiated by Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN) Western Mindanao tomorrow; and the other one is the Grand Qiyamul Layl 2011: a One-night Vigil by United Voices for Peace Network (UVPN) in Cotabato City on August 26-27. I have included the posters and links for more information regarding these matters.

YMPN-WestMin Ramadhan Medical Mission

UVPN Grand Qiyamul Layl 2011
Visit the UVPN Official Blog for more info and for donations

Bud Tumantangis. An icon of Sulu
The last time I came to my dear homeland, Sulu, was during the burial of my late grandfather last July 28, 2011. I stayed for two days in Pandami and Siasi (two smaller islands outside mainland Sulu), and in my return to Jolo, 'great' news were the first things I wanted to hear. But I was disappointed. And I was much more depressed when I saw the headlines that day: "7 soldiers killed and beheaded in Patikul, Sulu." A week later, as the holy month of Ramadhan had freshly touched us, on August 2 or 3, another news headline broke in: "Health Worker Kidnapped by ASG!" How worst can these things still be? 

[pls also read my post "The Great Deception" regarding these matters. To be published soon]

Then I came to a question, "When was the last time that we heard any GOOD news in Patikul or Indanan or in other places in Sulu?" There are actually a great number of activities and happenings done by common citizens, civic organizations and even gov't agencies to develop the quality of life in those areas. But seldom do people 'read' or hear about them. It is not that it's not in the news we just do not have any attentions for them. We always neglect them. When good news come, we say "Naaah, that would only be put to waste." And when bad news come, "Ooooh, this one's interesting!" This is just the way we think nowadays. A great disappointment.


Isang image na hiniram ko lang sa google image.
At least credit sa sino man may-ari nito.
Every now and then I would receive a lot of 'chain messages' with either of the following texts:

"If you love Allah, you must send this dua/text to 15 people..."

"I love Allah and His Messenger, now send this to 20 people... you will get rewards..."

"If you ignore it, you will be punished. And if you send to 10 people you will get good news after 10 days bla bla bla."

Other texts would even share stories of family members being killed if you do not pass the message.

And indeed REALLY FUNNY.

Funny how people had started this kind of idea of using 'religion' and 'family' as making SPAMS, or useless messages and make others send them to as many numbers in their phone-books. But much more funnier is amidst the knowledge that these things are not true, there are still amny of us who fall victims to these kinds of act. We think to ourselves: "Sa bagay, unli naman ako eh, so what's to loose?", "Eh pano kung totoo? eh di lagot ako... There's no harm in trying naman eh" are the common answers we get.

But really? Is there really no harm in BELIEVING and then PASSING on these messages? This is yet another thing we, the young advocates of goodwill (YAGooD) should investigate on (wag na kayo umangal sa name ng 'group', parang Justice League yan eh.) Ako po ay hindi makikipag-away dito, just wanting to share some idea about it.

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