Serving the Muslim Community

Community works are things I always love doing. Spending time serving your people is something worth spending your life with. Not just that is so satisfying to the 'heart', you will also feel 'accomplished' and 'angelic' or 'good' every time you do something that somehow helped other people. 

And Ramadhan is the greatest time to do it. Where all your blessings will be multiplied by the Great Creator, InshaAllah!

I am proud to present and yet humbly inviting everyone to attend and participate in one of these two 'great' opportunities to serve the Muslim Community here in Mindanao. First is the Ramadhan Medical Mission in Zamboanga City to be initiated by Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN) Western Mindanao tomorrow; and the other one is the Grand Qiyamul Layl 2011: a One-night Vigil by United Voices for Peace Network (UVPN) in Cotabato City on August 26-27. I have included the posters and links for more information regarding these matters.

YMPN-WestMin Ramadhan Medical Mission

UVPN Grand Qiyamul Layl 2011
Visit the UVPN Official Blog for more info and for donations

Your participation in these activities will always be appreciated. And I promise you, you will not loose anything. You will even gain more rewards in the hereafter! (Just inform us if you are interested). But if time and other matters will hold us from attending of participating, at least a little help would still be better. Be it a little amount of donation for the success of these programs, or a short prayer wishing things would be OK is a thing we will appreciate.

Verily, Allah knows more whom among his servants works and prays for his people.

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone!
-Anak Iluh


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