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On Giving "Free Hospital Beds" for the Poor

I highly support the notion of providing free hospitalizations for the really indigent people, but here are some interesting points for discussion:

1) If ever the government will pay for the hospitalization of the poor, how are they going to choose whom to provide the free services? Should they just accept everyone who claims, as said in this article, those who will come and say "I am poor, if I don't have a disease, then look for one that I might have."? I seriously don't think that is the best way to give free services. Yes, if the government could provide these necessary services to its poor people for free, then by all means, it should be done. But critical PRIORITIZATION of patients should be in place. I mean, the number of those who actually don't need this service greatly outnumbers those who really need them.

2) How much are we willing to spend for the "poor"? Are the tax-paying citizens willing to pay for the likes of those chronic alcoholics an…

To See Them Get Well

Feb 2 2016

It was just one of those usual busy days at the wards. My watch just told me it's almost 3 in the afternoon. I haven't had my lunch yet and I still have a lot of things to do. And while I was savagely writing down my SIC progress notes on one of my patient's chart earlier, at that same time, my brain cells were as busy deciding which of the couple more things to I still need to do must come next. And then, someone tapped my back and called me:
"Sir sir, excuse me, sir." I stopped writing and looked at this guy whom I almost failed to recognize. I remember his face during my short stay in the Emergency Department, but I just can't locate his name, nor his story how we met in that ever-so-busy place.

"Sir, mabuti nakita ko po kayo," He said with a smile.

"Oh kumusta na po?" I asked him pretending I remember him that well, while trying so hard identifying the right name to fit his face. Dude, I am weakest at this guessing game.