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Assalamu alaykum!

This week marks our first week in the community as part of our 6-week rotation in FCh260.2 Community Medicine. We will be assigned in Mendez and Bailen, Cavite. We will be leaving for Cavite this Tuesday, in sha Allah. But before that, we had to finish some series of orientations, trainings and lectures on community organizing. This is pretty exciting as you may all know that I am an avid lover of Community medicine. It's like my passion! haha. I am among the 10% of medical students who wouldn't hesitate to raise their hands when asked to practice as Doctors to the far-flung communities. The smell of the unknown adventure that lies ahead certainly excites my soul! Yohohoho!

Anyway. We were asked to submit a "Pre-Departure" Reflection paper with the following guide questions. I have a far longer response to all of them, but I had to cut the, short as we were limited to one page only haha. I am sharing this to everyone :) 

See you around!



I.        What do I personally hope to achieve in this community rotation?
I have been working with my own community back in Sulu every time I go home for my summer immersions. And I have always wanted to know how things work, especially in the grassroots level, in other places here in Luzon. Perhaps I could learn something that they have done in the community that we could apply back home. Personally, I hope that I could become a better physician who is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to better serve my people. I will try and do the best that I can to learn.
II.      Do I envision a future endeavor where I may be able to use the experience I will gain from this rotation?
Definitely yes. I will surely make use of this unique chance to learn and experience how to plan, organize, and implement community-related health programs. This is something that I have always wanted to experience since LU3 and now hopefully I could apply when I finally go back home to Sulu as a full-pledged doctor to serve my own community, God-willing. I also want to understand why things work and don’t work especially in our current health systems. I wanted to have a deeper understanding on this hopefully finding a way to solve it somehow—or at least help in that process.

III.    What role/s do I see myself in while in the community?
Aside from being a medical intern, learning all the needed skills and knowledge while in the community, and more than just being a substitute and temporary “physician”, I see myself becoming part or member of that community. The best way to understand the people is to be with them if not to feel and be one with them. Hopefully I could actively participate and slowly take on the helm towards becoming that five-start physician.

IV.    What are my fears/anxieties in this community rotation?
After the previous orientation, I have heard about the complaints by the community (especially foster families) about us interns rotating in the community. I cannot, for one, speak for them as we are all different individuals… But I can’t help but get worried as well. How are we suppose meet those expectations by the community considering we are already—if I may say—marked? Perhaps, we can also wish for the best then? No, we will do our best so that by the time we leave our communities by the end of this 6-week rotation, we will all depart with good memories to leave behind.
Another fear is the expenses as we do not know the place yet. But I have been told that the people there are so kind that they won’t leave you empty-handed (or in an empty-stomach). So yeah, definitely looking forward to it!

This is just another random update.

It's a Sunday and I am having an unusual free time, so gotta make use of it. So, what's up?

On Life as a Medstudent

We're on the last week of our two-month long rotation in Pediatrics. yeap. It's our last seven (or six) days! Yeay! Alhamdulillah, I honestly can't wait for Pediatrics to end. No, not that I don't enjoy Pedia, I do love it! I will surely miss the interactions with the kids... And I know this will perhaps be the last time I will be involved in the field of Pediatrics (especially subspecs) and I am glad to learn a lot from that two months stay with them. I just wanted to end one of the four major rotations in Internship. That will surely be a milestone! Oh yeay! One down, four more to go!

I am trying (as hard as I can) to read on cases I meet in the wards as well as in the Emergency room. I started reading the printouts of PLE Reviewer I bought last year. I am already halfway through it, but I ended up not finishing it for... uhm... some reasons... I dunno. haha. 

I should really go back and study. The PLE is a few days away, and after that next year it will be our turn!!!


(God Bless UPCM Class 2016 and all the PLE takers!)

I know how you feel right now:



I am getting lesser number of readers these days. Well, maybe it's a new thing as I don't post too often especially regarding medschool. For example, it's already over a month since we started Pediatrics nd I still haven't post anything about it. Honestly, I know I should be blogging about this, but I don't think I am getting a good number of readers on my posts about Medschool. Seems nobody's that interested anymore. Haha!

I don't know. Is it because of my too lengthy posts? Am I too detached (I tried being too involved, and write about my emotions, and really, I could write longer posts than that!) But anyway, maybe I should make some more adjustments in my way of writing things here in this blog. 

I wanted to make this blog more interactive. Receiving comments and discussing things with my readers are awesome and all, but I think the format of my blog is not that "interactive". I should find ways to make it more comments friendly. But how? I have no idea as of yet hahaha Maybe I could learn from other bloggers. Again. Or maybe I should go back to my drawing board and assess, what do I really want with this blog, with these writeups I am making. Do I want to inspire? Or just dump my ideas here? Do I want to earn?

Having a single goal will surely save me more time. I need more time to think this through.

By the way, I attended a Readers and Writers Festival last Sunday at Raffles Makati. It was awesome.

Daily Routine

My usual day (now, this week at least) begins with realizing I have to go back to PGH. There are times that I am inspired to go early but most of the time I just wait out the time until 6:30 AM and go out to eat breakfast (our call time is 7AM or 730AM depends on your status). 

Then the usual days in the hospital rolls in. 

And after that, I would either go home directly and take a shower then sleep. Or on a not -so-busy day, I would watch Youtube and keep myself updated on the recent news (24-Oras and State of the Nation are two favorites), I do read local news online as well (via CNN Philippines). Things are getting more depressing these days, but I still have a good faith with the PH Government and the Duterte Administration. Specially right now, what we need more than ever is not pointing blames but helping each other. (No, I don't want to talk about the problems in details. We all know about it and it will take a longer post for that.--THIS. This is the reason why I wanted to make this blog more interactive!)

Sometimes I would end up watching TED Talk instead or read random articles on Medical updates. Just nerdy stuff. I stay indoors more than outside. It's just too boring to go out hahaha.

Oh. I finally got the $$$ to buy a new pair of shoes! And I love 'em so much!

"Behind Yellow Line"
Till our next update! Salaam!
Lemme take a selfie first ahaha

 MD = Manong Duties?

NICU Manong Starter pack.
Nakakadismaya at nakakapagod. Why do future MDs doing this anyway? we honestly learn nothing from it? 

After listening to my fellow interns (especially PGIs or Post-Graduate Interns from other medschools) comparing the internship training from other hospitals, I just realized how much we students have been living with disappointments in this field of training. Really, a lot of "ideal" things could have been done to maximize our learning and training for our final year in this prestigious hospital and yet, we end up doing the things that are not actually "suitable" for future doctors to do. (Read: magtulak ng stretcher, mag-akyat-baba ng lab results, etc. instead of directly taking care of patients or reviewing for the boards?) *well, not all the time naman ganito nangyayari... pero still, di talaga siya maganda tingnan.
I know, this has always been the norm. That our previous alumni and now professors have experienced far worst than these. But really, is there nothing else we could do to change it? For, let say, making it more "future-doctor friendly"?
I know there is this big issue of lack of man-power. But is it really wise to use your medical interns (after all the years of medical training) to do these scut works? why not hire more workers who could help? Aren't we wasting too much human reasources kung yung mga doctor-to-be natin nagiging "manong" na lang? Sobrang sayang po. Sobrang unfair sa mga magiging future patients namin.
The questions we now keep on pondering:
Are we all doing these because this is the least we could do to help our patients?
Are we simply following it because it is just what was and has always been in this vicious cycle of "tradition"?

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