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Updates these days

By  AhmadMD _     September 04, 2016    Labels:, 
This is just another random update.

It's a Sunday and I am having an unusual free time, so gotta make use of it. So, what's up?

On Life as a Medstudent

We're on the last week of our two-month long rotation in Pediatrics. yeap. It's our last seven (or six) days! Yeay! Alhamdulillah, I honestly can't wait for Pediatrics to end. No, not that I don't enjoy Pedia, I do love it! I will surely miss the interactions with the kids... And I know this will perhaps be the last time I will be involved in the field of Pediatrics (especially subspecs) and I am glad to learn a lot from that two months stay with them. I just wanted to end one of the four major rotations in Internship. That will surely be a milestone! Oh yeay! One down, four more to go!

I am trying (as hard as I can) to read on cases I meet in the wards as well as in the Emergency room. I started reading the printouts of PLE Reviewer I bought last year. I am already halfway through it, but I ended up not finishing it for... uhm... some reasons... I dunno. haha. 

I should really go back and study. The PLE is a few days away, and after that next year it will be our turn!!!


(God Bless UPCM Class 2016 and all the PLE takers!)

I know how you feel right now:



I am getting lesser number of readers these days. Well, maybe it's a new thing as I don't post too often especially regarding medschool. For example, it's already over a month since we started Pediatrics nd I still haven't post anything about it. Honestly, I know I should be blogging about this, but I don't think I am getting a good number of readers on my posts about Medschool. Seems nobody's that interested anymore. Haha!

I don't know. Is it because of my too lengthy posts? Am I too detached (I tried being too involved, and write about my emotions, and really, I could write longer posts than that!) But anyway, maybe I should make some more adjustments in my way of writing things here in this blog. 

I wanted to make this blog more interactive. Receiving comments and discussing things with my readers are awesome and all, but I think the format of my blog is not that "interactive". I should find ways to make it more comments friendly. But how? I have no idea as of yet hahaha Maybe I could learn from other bloggers. Again. Or maybe I should go back to my drawing board and assess, what do I really want with this blog, with these writeups I am making. Do I want to inspire? Or just dump my ideas here? Do I want to earn?

Having a single goal will surely save me more time. I need more time to think this through.

By the way, I attended a Readers and Writers Festival last Sunday at Raffles Makati. It was awesome.

Daily Routine

My usual day (now, this week at least) begins with realizing I have to go back to PGH. There are times that I am inspired to go early but most of the time I just wait out the time until 6:30 AM and go out to eat breakfast (our call time is 7AM or 730AM depends on your status). 

Then the usual days in the hospital rolls in. 

And after that, I would either go home directly and take a shower then sleep. Or on a not -so-busy day, I would watch Youtube and keep myself updated on the recent news (24-Oras and State of the Nation are two favorites), I do read local news online as well (via CNN Philippines). Things are getting more depressing these days, but I still have a good faith with the PH Government and the Duterte Administration. Specially right now, what we need more than ever is not pointing blames but helping each other. (No, I don't want to talk about the problems in details. We all know about it and it will take a longer post for that.--THIS. This is the reason why I wanted to make this blog more interactive!)

Sometimes I would end up watching TED Talk instead or read random articles on Medical updates. Just nerdy stuff. I stay indoors more than outside. It's just too boring to go out hahaha.

Oh. I finally got the $$$ to buy a new pair of shoes! And I love 'em so much!

"Behind Yellow Line"
Till our next update! Salaam!
Lemme take a selfie first ahaha

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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