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When Nerds decided to Hike: A Mt.Pico de Loro Adventure

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all!)

First, a friendly warning: If you came here hoping to find a helpful tip on how to survive the climb to Mt. Palay-Palay more nown as Pico de Loro ("Parrot's beak"), you are in the WRONG PLACE! Please find another travel-blog for this is just a troll post. Really, don't say I didn't warn you.
=== As mentioned in my past post: "Ready for the Hike!" me and a group of friends decided to go out of our usual comfort zones and why not climb a mountain instead. We already had one target we all agreed to climb: Mt. Pico de Loro. Most of us are beginners, and not one have traversed that place alive--I mean, alone yet. And as crazy as we may be, we are friggin' serious about it. If only we knew head on how hard it was to climb that mountain, we could have chosen a smaller one, LOL.
But enough with all the complaints, if you really decided on one thing, a real man should act on it no matter what. And so we did. With a d…

Biyaheng Panulat 2014

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all!)
Last October 2014 I attended the "Biyaheng Panulat 2014" wherein famous Filipino writers and composers came to our campus to, well, supposedly give inspiration to those who are aspiring to be writers and composers be it in the mainstream or just by themselves. And it was just a great blessing that I had no class that day :) So I did not hesitate to attend!
I wanted to hear what those guys would say, and see if they will really inspire me (haha skeptic mode) but aside from that, I also wanted to see those guys who wrote some of the books that I have read before: Eros Atalia, Ricky Lee, Manix Abrera and Bob Ong..
==Special are for Bob Ong: *He was supposed to be the "special guess with special appearance who fooled us because it was just a special performance of special powerpoint presentation and special message read by a student officer at the back stage with some special lighting. Anyway, I still love Bob Ong's books :) An…

Upcoming projects

In sha Allah:

December 27, 2014

New Muslim Care Philippine's
Feed a Child. Touch a Life Program.

for more info please click the image or visit the NMCP's FB page.

2015 TOWARDS PEACE 2015.
Visit the FB page for more info: Towards Peace 2015
March 1, 2015 in Manila!

Ready for the hike!

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all!)
Just to let you all know, I am auto-scheduling this post to publish later. I am writing this at 9PM of December 20 and hopefully this will be published later, early morning the next day in sha Allah. I have to do that because (1) I just published a new post, so can't publish another one--bloggers don't do that! and (2) I will already be off to a new exciting adventure by the time I need this post to be published.

So much with that unnecessary long explanation. What is this all about?
I will keep it short (I hope my long-post syndrome already subsided).
I will be going on a hike! *yipeee! Fireworks! Fireworks! Confetti! Confetti!*
Well, it was already planned months ago. Some of my friends decided that we should really explore the world and not be poor little maggots stuck in a corner reading medical books and stuffs like that (*pffft! Such nerds! I would ever do that!) And so we ended in an agreement: We will climb a mountain nearby …

My First Baby Boy!

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all!)
No, this is not about my first born son. We are still way too early for that! haha. This is about the first baby boy I delivered (or helped or assisted in delivery) during our 24-hour duty at the Labor Room-Delivery Room (LRDR) in PGH. 
Well, the experience was indeed something to really cherish. Simply witnessing a baby being born right in front of your eyes, and hearing his first loud cry is simply ... see? I can't even find the right word for it! Just SubhanaAllah! (Praise be to Allah!) Life indeed is an amazing gift only He can give.
The story was:

We started our duty at exactly 7AM last November 29, 2014. At first we were all clueless as what to do. We were the first group in our block to be on 24H duty. so we practically don't have any idea, until later on, we started learning things, starting doing things that are requested of us to do (I will publish a separate post about LRDR duties in sha Allah). Everything was going smooth…

And so it ended

Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you all!)
Our one-month rotation with the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for our ICC Training (OBGYN 250) finally ended today. It was indeed a wonderful experience, that 30-day madness trying to remember all those numbers (of what AOGs this test is requested and this condition wrecks havoc), the dragging days in the posts, and of course, the paper case protocols that never ended. Until today though. 
We had our "oral exam" earlier--which in the end turned out to be an essay-type written exam (hey! when was the last time I took an essay exam?)--then followed by the 100-item, 17-page comprehensive exam. Too long? Naah, it was actually a pretty fair exam if you really did your part, which ehem I think I failed in doing mine... anyway, enough of that.
After the 7-hour exam, we were all like:
So, the first semester of the newly shifted Academic calendar finally ended. And now we are having our 2-week Sem-break slash year-end slash Christm…

The ICC Essentials

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all!)
Heya! Here we go again with the usual "I am sorry it took me so long to post here again" scenario which I believe I should already get rid of (-_-) Starting today! I never even have a "Date published" tags on my no one would really know how late I am. haha! But kidding aside, I think the dates really doesn't matter anymore... If I am writing these experiences and maybe some tips for the next ICCs*, the order of each rotation would not matter: for every block (all 8 of them) have different schedules, and perhaps different experiences as well. So I will just write what I have in my journals, keep them short and concise as possible (which I am really poor at by the way), and hopefully pray that someone would stumble on this blog and read it. haha. 
Anyway, continuing our sharing of stories and learning experiences (?) as an ICC student... I see my calendar here that we are now in our 8th week as an ICC student…