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Biyaheng Panulat 2014

By  Ahmad Ibn Hajiri     December 30, 2014    Labels:,,,,, 

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all!)

Last October 2014 I attended the "Biyaheng Panulat 2014" wherein famous Filipino writers and composers came to our campus to, well, supposedly give inspiration to those who are aspiring to be writers and composers be it in the mainstream or just by themselves. And it was just a great blessing that I had no class that day :) So I did not hesitate to attend!

I wanted to hear what those guys would say, and see if they will really inspire me (haha skeptic mode) but aside from that, I also wanted to see those guys who wrote some of the books that I have read before: Eros Atalia, Ricky Lee, Manix Abrera and Bob Ong..

==Special are for Bob Ong: *He was supposed to be the "special guess with special appearance who fooled us because it was just a special performance of special powerpoint presentation and special message read by a student officer at the back stage with some special lighting. Anyway, I still love Bob Ong's books :) And I never really expected him to appear that day. If he did, then he won't be Bob Ong anymore... now enough with that rant===

About the Event:
What I understood about the event when that dude who I think is their manager or organizer or something (He really doesn't look like it, I even thought he was just some tambay student. awesome.)  is this: they organize such event around the Metro, visiting campuses and bring together Filipino writers and meet with future writers to share ideas and ehem inspirations. They call it "Biyaheng Panulat" because they go around like a caravan for those aspiring writers for their country (the Filipinos for the Philippines... I'm for Sulu, I just went there for inspiration). last Ocotober they decided to visit UP Manila!

Trivia: Most of the participants were NSTP students required to attend the event. There was this attendance sheets being passed around, LOL. And I think I am the only one from post-grad who attended, so I pretended to be a Bio-Student. #Shameless

The Big Four: Manix Abrera (KikoMachine Komix), Ricky Lee (Playwright and novelist), Rock Star Dong Abay (composer and singer), and Eros Atalia (novelist and tabloid writer)
Master Abrera talking about his masterpiece: Kikomachine Komix. The audiences were laughing their lungs out with his jokes
Each author and composer were given some time to talk about themselves, their inspirations, their funny stories and experiences and what are their advises to the younger audiences. All the authors were really great in their speeches, most of which are just jokes. You would even think that you are in a stand-up comedy bar (though I've never been into one). Dong Abay was the unique one. Being the "rock star" as he is, he did not just talk about his story, but he sang his un-aired original song! What a treat to the audiences! His songs are really awesome I tell you, they're very moving. 

The real book-lovers waiting in line for the book-signing

Of course after that came the BOOK SIGNING! This is among the very few opportunity for fellow book-lovers like me to have their books signed. Would your books become better if it's signed? Honestly no, I agree with Bob Ong when he said:


I can't remember the quote it just says: "I don't believe in autographs. It's my style" haha He is so awesome.

Someone's really serious about this... To buy all the 10 Kikomachine Komix at once! He should have bought them frot he start if he's a  real fan. #experience

Manix my favorite Komix writer :)

And tadaa! My first autographed comic book! awesome! Astiiiiig! Hardcore!
One day in sha Allah, I will be a great writer as well, but I won't hold events like this. All my books are autographed head-on before they get published. I just want my future fans to leave me alone. (haah just kidding)

Salam Kasilasa!

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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