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When a Million people gets mad at you...

I don't have anything noteworthy to say about the issue on the recent Pork-Barrel Scam. In fact, there are still a lot of things I don't understand about this issue (and I don't have much time to read about all the stuff about them ><)

But being able to observe what happened this morning was something worth talking about. Honestly I was amazed how a great number of people can organize themselves and raise their sentiments to their government in a seemingly peaceful way. It what they now known as the "Million People March".
I never planned in joining the rally in the first place. I was still too sleepy that morning and I still have hundreds of readings to do for the next exam (or so I pretend that I am actually reading them)... With my newly brewed coffee in my hand my phone rang, and it was from a classmate, asking me if I will join the "march". At first I said no, and made a lot of reasonable reasons. But in the end, I was still stuck…


Mataud na isab in jimajatu biháun subay dihilan natu’ waktu hátihun. Ha hula’ masi-masi in habal sin pagsaggaw-tau atawa kan pagkidnap. Ha pila adlaw puas sin bulan Ramadhan nagsunud-sunud isab in pagbustak madtu-mari. Timampal da isab in habal sin pagtakaw siyn sin manga tau ha parinta Pilipinas (bunnal way kita lamud kanila, sa’ lapay ra kita sin kakahinang ini). Magsusung da isab in adlaw sin pagbilma’rup sin parinta pilipinas iban sin tumpukan MILF. Ha habal ba’gu yan nagpamahalayak na sin kalimayahan in Maas Nur Misuari iban MNLF ha hula’. Ha hula’ malayu’ isab biya’ sin Egypt dimatung na in waktu pag-atubang sin tau raayat iban sin sundalu sin parinta nila… Di’ aku makarihil pamikilan (opinion) ha tiyap-tiyap habal nasabbut, mataud pa aku masi di’ kahátihan. Sa ha katán sin nasabbut yadtu, hambuuk da in matampal káku’: napulak-kanat in raayat Muslimiyn biháun.
Bunnal awn manga habal marayaw magdatung, sa’ kamatauran labi makasusa. Ha biháun kiykita’ ku in raayat musl…

Ulan Matigda’.

Iyabutan na isab kami sin ulan matigda’ diy ha hula’ Manila. Ulan matigda’ agaran sin hangin makusug. Di’ isab mabilang unus in kaybanan, sa sibu’ da in guwa’ niya: Maglakab-baha’ na isab ha kaybanan lugal; masuspend na isab in klas sin kaiskul-iskulan (magkalapay ra sambil kami ha medschool; ampa bukun langug bang masuspend in class pasal kami bata; iskul da in magmula). Di’ magkaubus in hangaka tahun sin wayruun lumabay ulan dakula’ pa hula’ ini. Gaid sin bunnal in bayta’ sin kamáasan sin awn tuud mulka’ ha hula’ ini.
Di’ kapaglangugan in hula’ ini bang dumatung in bagyu agaran pa ulan matigda’ iban paglakab-baha’ ha karán-dánan. Magtrapik na isab. In manga tau sa da lumubung pa baha’ yaun nag-aanud ha supaya maka-untas hadja sin dán. Di’ ra maunu bang malanu’ in tubig yaun nag-aanud, sa’ ná kayngatan tan a, yaun na katan in kalummi’-lummian naglamud-lamud. Sa’ unu isab in mahinang ta? Duwal bang kaw mabaya’ matuwg ha sawm sisilungan. Sa’ da kaw umuntas. (Manghugas mayan …

And we asked, “Where is justice?”


There are so many things I wanted to write about in the weeks that passed. But thanks to my class schedules and the after-class-schedules, I wasn’t able to find even a short time to do so. Even my daily journal notebook is already filled with blank pages. There are just so many things that need to be done, and so little free time in my hand. Or there maybe some free times, but I’m just too focused on something else (like taking some sleep that I have been deprived of for weeks now). But then, there are things that I cannot hold on and keep in my mind. There are times that I have to write them down no matter what, lest I forget them, lest I would never be able to express what I really feel right at the moment I had that idea or feeling; lest I would regret not doing anything at all and let those things become remnants of the past.
It is already the end of Ramadhan. Indeed that is actually a sad thing to Muslims, we are not actually happy that the month of fasting is already …

Another Eid away from home


I am posting this before the Eid for this year arrives (it’s either August 8 or 9), so I am writing before the actual Eid is happening and there might be some changes of thoughts that may happen within that short time, and thus whatever I might have written here may be different after Eid (in shaa Allah, I do hope so it will).

First off, it will be my second year spending ‘Eid far away from my family AND on a non-Muslim community. I have actually spend some ‘Eids away from home years ago, but those times where happy-‘ol-times as I can still feel the atmosphere of unexplainable happiness of spending the ‘Eid with your Muslim brothers (remember, I have spend more than 4 years in Marawi City :D and oh I miss that place). But this time of the year (well, it actually started last year), it’s a totally different world.
I remember last year’s Eid. I was happy during the first few hours after the Eid prayers as I was spending some time with my Muslim friends (you know who you are g…