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And we asked, “Where is justice?”

By  AhmadMD _     August 07, 2013    Labels:,,,, 

There are so many things I wanted to write about in the weeks that passed. But thanks to my class schedules and the after-class-schedules, I wasn’t able to find even a short time to do so. Even my daily journal notebook is already filled with blank pages. There are just so many things that need to be done, and so little free time in my hand. Or there maybe some free times, but I’m just too focused on something else (like taking some sleep that I have been deprived of for weeks now). But then, there are things that I cannot hold on and keep in my mind. There are times that I have to write them down no matter what, lest I forget them, lest I would never be able to express what I really feel right at the moment I had that idea or feeling; lest I would regret not doing anything at all and let those things become remnants of the past.

It is already the end of Ramadhan. Indeed that is actually a sad thing to Muslims, we are not actually happy that the month of fasting is already over. But it’s not something I wanted to talk about today, so if you are curious as to why Muslims would be sad because Ramadhan is already leaving, find a Muslim friend and kindly ask them why. What I wanted to talk, write, post about is yet another sad thing that happened in this holy month: the two sets of Bombings that occurred in two separate places, Cagayan de Oro City and Cotabato City.

I have been to CDO for many times when I was still in MSU Marawi. Maybe it’s weird that even though I haven’t stayed in that city for more than 3 days at one time, I really liked the city. It had this friendly atmosphere that I only feel in few cities I have been to (Manila is very far from that, I’m sorry to say). On the other hand, I have only been to Cotabato twice only: first during my interviews for my application in the Regionalization Program of the UP College of Medicine, and last to attend a Bangsamoro Youth Conference. Both of which have made great importance to me as I have spend fond memories while I was in Cot.City.

And so, the news of two sets of bombings in both cities I have known and been to, is indeed a saddening news to everyone. Whether they are connected or not, and for whatever reasons those perpetrators are doing this, there is just one thing I am sure of: Islam and the Muslim community condemns these actions! Leave alone that it happen in one of the holiest months in Islam, the month of Peace and reconciliation, the month that every Muslim holds dear to, the month wherein violence is prohibited for whatever reason they may be (even those at war are prohibited to act violently in this month!); of all the months that it could happen, why in this holy month of Ramadhan? We could directly consider this an act of disrespect to this great month, and to the teachings of Islam as well.

I said, leave alone that it happened in Ramadhan, but the mere fact of doing this grievous crime indiscriminately: involving even the innocent public, is indeed something to condemn. Those in Mindanao like me who have first-hand experiences of such kind of violence, and losing those love ones dear to you, knows how it feels: how the family of those victims feel, how those affected indirectly feels, how the fear, the terror of seeing those blasts give shiver in their souls every time they remember, every time they hear the loud sound of bombs exploding right in front of them.  I know what they feel. And believe me, it’s not something you really want to remember in your life, ever again.

And we asked,” Where is justice here”?

I know I may not be able to do anything about what happened. I cannot do anything and help the family of the victims or to let the perpetrators of these heinous crimes be punished on due time for what they did. All I can do for now (as what I have always been limited to do in the past; every time such thing occurs in my dear homeland, Sulu), is pray. Pray that the names below will still have their share of justice if not in this worldly life, but in the next life in sha Allah.

The victims of the CDO bombing whom I failed to get the names, and the victims of the recent Cotabato Bombing namely: Nasruddin Guialal and Salipudin Sindatok (both died at 10PM last August 6 in Cotabato Regional and Medical Center or CRMC where I took the interviews); Usop Jaji, Samsuddin Ahari, Sangcola Satol, SPO3 Mama Manambuay, Jeanice Menak (5 years old), Jebbin Menak (7 y.o.), Harris Unto (9 y.o.) and including the 40 others who were injured. You will never be forgotten in sha Allah.

And as we try to solve those seemingly unanswered questions; As we demand for the seemingly undelivered justice to the victims and their family; our hearts cry for them; our hearts pray that may Allah send Mercy on those innocent victims, and let the day come when Real Justice will be served. Maybe we cannot expect to find justice in this world (especially in this government), but in the Next life to come, on the day when the Judge is only Allah, when his Judgement will be the only Justice and Law; where no one can ever hide from his wealth, power, influence or connections; where everyone will see his deeds, every single of it; where the oppressed will be raised and oppressors be punished. If till that day comes that we can do nothing but pray, then we should never cease from praying that in shaa Allah, justice will surely come. For Allah is the Just, the All-Powerful, the Protector of the weak, the King of all kings, and He who Answers all prayers.

I end my thoughts here. Forgive me if I ever wrote something that doesn’t suit your opinion. This is just what I am feeling right now, and this is just yet one way for me to release these emotions welling up inside of me.

Advance Eid Mubrak to all the Muslim brothers and sisters.

Salam Kasilasa.

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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