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Outside that Room

March 13, 2017
I was outside the hemodialysis (HD) room, watching some videos on Youtube while waiting for my patient’s HD to start. A few minutes after I seated myself on a vacant seat outside, a woman came near me. I recognized her the moment she approached, she’s my patient’s mother. I could see her eyes weary, tired and full of questions. It takes only a few seconds to recognize a soul in search of answers to her endless questions. And this one is a definite example.
“Doc,” she started meekly, “Doc, tapatin niyo po ako.”(Doc please tell me)
“Po? Ano po yun, maam?” I asked, my earphones already removed for me to focus on her every word.
“Doc, ano na po ba talaga ang kalagayan ng anak ko? Di na po ba siya gagaling? Mamamatay na po ba siya?” (Doc, what is the real condition of my child? Will he still get well? Will he die?) her voice shaking with fear, full of anxiety over what she might find out.
I asked her to sit down beside me and calm down. Then I inquired how much does she already k…