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Masi masi ra

Nagbustak na isab sin dum limabay yaun. 

Makusug in bustak bat najugjug in bay namu' kailu. Laung sin kaybanan ha gimba, laung sin kaybanan ha Brigade sin Marines. 
Way pa agun miyabut hangka-adlaw in haylaya puasa, awn na magtuy nagbustak. Mayta na baha' in hula' ini? b Misan bulan puasa wayruun nila ra liyappas, masi-masi ra in paghilu-hala' nila. Hambuuk adlaw awn nagbustak didtu ha tungud public hospital, ha waiting shed, ha guwa’. Maynaat pa kunu’ yadtu sung na pagsusuwd sin kabataan pa iskul. Awn nahalul duwa atawa tuw. Awn pa agi bata’-bata’ kunu’ sung paiskul in hambuuk nalapay. Agi isab sin kaibanan, nawafat da kunu’ kailu in hambuuk, amun timitindug-tindug ha lugal-lugal yadtu. In kainu-inuhan isab sin mga tau, angay-angay isab in lugal yaun kiyalawaan pulis-sundalu ha adlaw yadtu. Laung ha gimuwa’ news ha National TV in target kunu’ pabustakan in mga marines sundalu pasal masuuk man yaun ha campo nila. In nagpabustak kunu “Abus” na isab. In tau raayat way na k…

The Burden of Being Called “Doc”

“Good morning, Doc!” someone greeted me with a flash of smile as I entered the Rural Health Unit. She was one of the health workers assigned in the registration area and thus will always be the first one to see, or greet anyone who comes in.
“Good morning da isab, maam,” I replied with an equally warm smile that she gave me, “Misan ‘Sir’ na hadja ba maam, bukun pa isab aku duktur.” I explained that she can just call me ‘sir’, I am not a doctor yet after all. And I am not really used to being called a “Doc” (yet) by so many people, especially those senior than me in the health service.
Ayaw doc, di’ manjari! Mabiyaksa ra san kaw.” She remarked with a simple yet decisive tone. And that’s how the discussion ended: “Nope. It just can’t happen. You have to get used to it anyway.” And since then, almost everyone in the health center would address me as “Doc”. The younger “Doc”.
Whenever I meet my patients, I would always introduce myself as a medical student, a “not-yet Doctor”, to keep u…