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SOME USEFUL TAUSUG WORDS YOU CAN USE. [this is a veeery old posts -_-]
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                Tausug                                                                             English In ngan ku hi ____  My name is ___ Naghuhula’ aku ha___  ‘I am staying at’ or ‘I live at’ ____ Maunu-unu na kaw?  How are you? Marayaw (da isab)I am fine, (too) Yari aku ha bay.  I am here at the house. Yadtu siya ha iskul.  He is there, at school. Hiyapdih aku.  I am Hungry. You can use the following exchangeable with hiyapdi'/hungry

Liyaul  Tired Lisu-an  bored Kiyaru'  feel sleepy Kiyugan  Happy Nasusa  Felt sad Kumaun kita.  Let us eat. Kari kaw.

Sulu: Its Hidden Beauty, Part I

Sulu had always been the "War Zone" in Southern Philippines. In fact, the name of the province itself was linked with the thoughts of the common people as "Conflict-ridden", "Unstable", "filled with fear and poverty", and worst "Terror". Yet nevertheless, Sulu had also given birth to enumerable and unrecorded histories. Sulu may be the 'poorest of the poor' provinces, but still, it had remained to be one of the riches provinces in terms of culture, history and natural resources as well.

This PhotoDocumentation by the author of this blog aims on showing the world what the other side of the coin: Sulu's Hidden Beauty.

Masjid Tulay:
This is the Largest Masjid in the Province.
Situated at the center of the Capital Town of Jolo (Barangay Tulay),
this single building marked the "Dawn of new Hope" for the Tausug People.
Amidst all the instabilities, there lies a new hope that unites the Tausugs as one,
a single be…

The Graduation Conundrum. What Now?


After our graduation last April 7, 2011, everything seemed confusing to me. True as other friends of mine had said, Graduating from college is a mixture of emotions; you feel like a hanging rock in the air: nowhere to go. Not knowing whether to settle down or to go up higher. It was more of anxiety than happiness. (well it depends on how the locus of personality someone has, extro or intro).

Anxiety of what would happen next in the future now that I'm done with my BS/AB Degree. Anxious that I may fail in the future now that I have to stand on my own, one way or the other. Fear that I might not be READY to face the REALITY. And thus, each of us where left with the remaining choices available: Either to FIND WORK as early as possible or STOP and be part of the UNEMPLOYED MILLIONS and wish for a miracle to come.

Obviously, we know which one to choose first, but circumstances are just not always going to be how we hope it to be. Only Trust in Allah, the Al-Qadr, can settle the…