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The Graduation Conundrum. What Now?

By  Ahmad Ibn Hajiri     April 11, 2011     

After our graduation last April 7, 2011, everything seemed confusing to me. True as other friends of mine had said, Graduating from college is a mixture of emotions; you feel like a hanging rock in the air: nowhere to go. Not knowing whether to settle down or to go up higher. It was more of anxiety than happiness. (well it depends on how the locus of personality someone has, extro or intro).

Anxiety of what would happen next in the future now that I'm done with my BS/AB Degree. Anxious that I may fail in the future now that I have to stand on my own, one way or the other. Fear that I might not be READY to face the REALITY. And thus, each of us where left with the remaining choices available: Either to FIND WORK as early as possible or STOP and be part of the UNEMPLOYED MILLIONS and wish for a miracle to come.

Obviously, we know which one to choose first, but circumstances are just not always going to be how we hope it to be. Only Trust in Allah, the Al-Qadr, can settle the heart of the anxious mind. Prayer. Prayer. and Prayer.

And Now what? Where would Ahmad Musahari go? This I do not have any control of. But at least, I have some plans naman... (These plans will always start with an 'INSHAALLAH')

1) I will surely study in MED.SCHOOL, no matter what it takes! (Its my dream of course). But I have to wait for another year for that to happen. Some unavoidable problems. hehe.

2) so, while waiting for that one-year 'waiting' for my dream to start, I will review my studies and perhaps start orienting myself on the field of Medicine. I know it's a no-more-a-joke thing and I have to really, really prepare myself. I am not yet prepared as of the moment. And if ever I want to reach that dream, I want to be as prepared as I can be! (ang gulo ata)

3) I will stay in Zamboanga City, work in an office (NGO), light works perhaps so as to give time for my review/study. and earn some money to help in my future expensive adventure. Save. Save. Save. (huhu, how I wish I can Buy an SLR, but it has to wait. wait. wait)

4) I will also work as a free-lance writer for some orgs (Tabang Sulu, CBG, Lanao Today), Islamic website and some other blogs. (wow. Konte lang talaga)

5)By then InshaAllah, I might be able to give time to finish my books:-)

Anything else is left for Allah to decide.

About Ahmad Ibn Hajiri

Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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