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A Statement by the Young Moro Professionals Network Inc.  (Reposted, from the YMPN_West.Min FB Group Page, dated November 10, 2011)

What happens when you fight fire with fire?

The Young Moro Professionals Network Inc., a group of young leaders who present positive contributions of Muslims in society, would like to register its strong rejection to an all-out-war policy in Mindanao. We appeal to the public for sobriety, let us always choose peace in Mindanao and elsewhere in the country.

We also appeal to our friends in the media to be more responsible. We loathe irresponsible and sensationalized media reports. Are media people already developing bias towards violence? Let us remind our friends in the media that there is such thing as ‘Peace Journalism’. May we propose that instead of overvaluing violence in television, radio, internet and newspapers, let us look at non-violent alternatives in delivering news items.

Certainly, war will never solve any problem in Mindanao. It only aggravates …

Gudlis, Gudlis. Sketches of life

Been doing some sketching with ball-point pens lately. Just when I feel like doing nothing, or when things go so wild and I will need some place to cool of my mind, I will resign to a peaceful place (usually under a tree) or a silent room in the house. I'll bring a pen and some scraps of paper with me and let my hand guide the pen. Let my imagination flow through them and instill in the papers the ideas, aspirations, dreams, and thought I have trapped in me.
Its another way of freeing those ideas to the world. And now, its time to showcase them to all of you my readers. Just a piece of reminder, I am not that good a sketcher. And you can always agree or disagree on my interpretations with them. 
SKETCH 1: (No Title yet)
It's a sketch of a fountain held by two hands; in the background there are some archs, circles, some designs-i-don't-know-how-to-call-them, and there's the moon and the sun being fused together.
Interpretation: Really, I do not know why I made this…