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Gudlis, Gudlis. Sketches of life

By  AhmadMD _     November 04, 2011    Labels:, 

Been doing some sketching with ball-point pens lately. Just when I feel like doing nothing, or when things go so wild and I will need some place to cool of my mind, I will resign to a peaceful place (usually under a tree) or a silent room in the house. I'll bring a pen and some scraps of paper with me and let my hand guide the pen. Let my imagination flow through them and instill in the papers the ideas, aspirations, dreams, and thought I have trapped in me.

Its another way of freeing those ideas to the world. And now, its time to showcase them to all of you my readers. Just a piece of reminder, I am not that good a sketcher. And you can always agree or disagree on my interpretations with them. 

SKETCH 1: (No Title yet)

It's a sketch of a fountain held by two hands; in the background there are some archs, circles, some designs-i-don't-know-how-to-call-them, and there's the moon and the sun being fused together.

Interpretation: Really, I do not know why I made this sketch. They just come in and out of my mind. Maybe it means BOREDOM. hehe.

Important Note: The sun with those rays is not the one you see in the Philippine flag. It is purely accidental and coincidental.
SKETCH 2: "Lead me the Way"

You can see a child being held by his hand by another man. They are walking down a road, where it leads them to the 'light' (in Arabic is 'Furqan'). Along the road are (actually) trees, forest, and other things that are confusing. On the road, there is only one shadow (that of the child) being seen. 

INTERPRETATION: Of course, different people interpret this differently. I will first mention the best explanations I have received from friends: 

They say: "There is the role of the 'old' ones to lead the 'young' ones to the right path, which is Islam (in here, represented by 'Furqan' in the light). And to keep them guided until the end of the road, to keep them away from the destruction and deceit of the sinful world." (I have the feeling they have the better explanation than mine. But oh, they always overlook the shadow.) When I point to them that there is still the shadow, "oh, I don't know. Maybe the light  in the background is only to the child?" hehe. Kidding aside, (now this is my explanation of the shadow) the shadow means 'acceptance of responsibility', to find the right way alone, even when the 'old' ones are not already there. Sooner or later you will surely have to live your own way. And you can not depend on others anymore. You have to find the way alone, too.


"Gudlis" means "Sketch" or "Mark" or maybe just anything you scribble. What you will see here is full of imaginations. (I tried to put some colors in Adobe PS, but I am not yet that good in coloring that it became worst than better. So I left it like this).

What you will see: There are dark clouds (though its not dark hehe), and its raining hard. There is the 'Layag Sug' (Vita) being drifted by the raging sea (you cant see it here I think, as I said, it's in the imagination). Slowly into the picture, the Vinta became a hand with a pen, and its drawing an umbrella. Under the umbrella is a new sprout of flower being drenched by the rain. But after the umbrella had been fully drawn, it was protected from the rain. There are other flowers in the picture, though its hard to see them without adding colors. In the background, you will see the famous 'Bud Bongao' a landmark of Tawi-Tawi.

The raging downpour of the rain symbolizes the outraging oppression and what ever it is that destroys our nature, our community, our society, our future. The dark clouds is basically the dark intentions of Humans, that gives birth to these enumerable 'bad things' in the world. The Boat (vinta) is us, the youth, the peace workers, bloggers, writers, and everyone who work to make a change through voicing out our sentiments (in here, represented by the Pen in the hand). We work hard to create a better world; to create a protection (the umbrella) for our environment and our community (the flower drenched in the rain.)

The Bud Bongao in the background? I added it to make me remember that I made this sketch after climbing that peak. hehe.

So that's it. I hope I can add more sketches to this collection. And I hope you liked my interpretations. you can add up your own if you like, just post them in our comments tab after this post.

Just one more Point!
Other than sketching, I also play games. Just wanted to share this cool victory I had lately by defeating my enemy (its a war-strategy game called 'advance wars', its like chess, but your pieces have more intricate moves and can use tanks and planes just like in a battlefield.) I got the highest score of 299! (Just one more point, I could have hit the 100%. It takes strategy, Technique and speed to defeat your opponent before they reach your camp. Anyway, its just a way to kill time. 

I will be in Siasi for this Eid (Nov. 5-8, 2011) So, I guess, I will be updating this blog when I return, InshaAllah.

Salam Kasilasa and a Blessed Eidul Adha to all my Muslim brethrens!
Anak Iluh

About AhmadMD _

Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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