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New Template

Been exploring for a while, and now here's my new template.

This is the Third time I'm Changing my Template...
Hope Everyone would like it

I'll be UPGRADING this later on.

365 days

At age four, my mother enrolled me in a nearby kindergarten in our small village in Sulu where I was born. I can already read and count by that time. And I was a happy, excited, little chap.
I was not accepted by the school. I was one-year old short. To comfort me, they told me there were no more 'kiddy chairs' left; and I have to wait for next year.
I cried all the way back home, with my mother dragging me. Why do I have to wait for 365 days just because we don't have enough seats! but what choice do I have? And the 365 days went by so fast.
******* After that year, I entered Kindergarten... Six years in primary School... Another four years in High School... And finally, finished my four years in college... And here I am today, bracing myself for a higher and more challenging stage I am about to take; my long-term dream: Med.School.
Yet NO. No, not now. Not today. It is just yet to come. I have to wait... For another 365 days; for another one, long year.
But this time, it is not be…