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Gawad Serbisyong Pangrehiyon 2015

This year's Gawad Serbisyong Pangrehiyon was held last October 13, 2015 at the Basic Sciences Lecture Room-East (BSLR-E) at the UP College of Medicine (UPCM). The Gawad Serbisyong Pangrehiyon also known as "The UPCM Class 1963 Award for Best Summer Immersion" is an annual event organized by the Regionalization Program Committee (RPC) of the UPCM to recognize  the contributions of medical students from this college's Regionalization Program (RP) during their summer immersions. The event highlights the presentations of immersion reports by selected nominees from a roster of RP students every year. 
This year's nominees for the Individual and Group category are as follows:
INDIVIDUAL CATEGORY (Top 4, not in order)
"Towards Electronic Primary Healthcare Services in rural Health Unit (RHU)- Jolo, Sulu through RxBox Program: An assessment of factors that affect its implementation and the health worker's knowledge, attitudes and perceptions" By Musahari, Ahma…

Clerkship Day 72: OB-GYN Weeks 1 and 2

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be with you)
It’s 11:50PM in my clock and I am about to hit the bunkers but decided to write a short post about the recent events. (PS I need to keep it short coz I have another 24-Hour duty tomorrow ^_^)
I am now rotating in OBSTETRICS and GYNECOLOGY (OBGYN) for two weeks already and we have another two weeks remaining until the next rotation. And believe it or not—as much as I hate the bloody business in OBGYN—I am actually enjoying the clerkship in OB :) I do not know there’s just too many things to do that are not that dragging. I mean, I can now actually feel and call myself a part of the medical team working for the benefit and well being of our patients!
Anyway, here's a quick run-down of the usual days in OBGYN:
The OB Services. Students rotating in OBGYNE will be divided into 3 services: A, B and C and they will rotate on duty schedules. There will be at least 5 clerks on each service with one service having 6. Interns have a separate system of as…