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Mindanao Bloggers Summit 5: a failed attempt.

Today marks the Fifth Mindanao Bloggers' Summit 2011 (MBS 5) spearheaded by Iligan Bloggers' Society (IBS) in Iligan City. I have planned to attend since the first day I heard about it; I saved some money for my transpo; planned the things to do before going to Iligan. I was supposed to attend the great event today, but time and a lot of circumstances that occurred along the way, made it all a failed attempt.
Yes, I was sad. I was sad, because I really really wanted to attend and hear the their good speakers (the summit would focus on how to uphold Environmental Advocacy through blogging and a lot more discussions on how to Earn while blogging). I was sad, because it could have been another chance for me to meet a lot new faces, fellow bloggers around Mindanao. I was sad, because it could have been another avenue for me to improve myself in this world of Blogosphere. But again, things do not always go the way we want it to be. Maybe it's for my own good anyway. …


Ikaa-apat na parte ng di-ko-matukoy-kung-hanggang-ilang-parte-ito-pero-sige-nalang-at-ating-aalamin-sa-susunod -na-mga-kabanata ng seryeng "Limang Minuto".
Unang tanong sa akin ay 'Bakit Tagalog at hindi Englis o Taususg ang ginagamit ko dito?'.. hmm... nahirapan ako dun ah... sinabi ko kasi dati na kung maari lamang ay ayokong gamitin ang wikang Tagalog. Kung bakit? akin-akin na lang yun. balik tayo sa unang tanong. Eto po ang aking simpleng kasagutan... Ehem ehem: Nahirapan po ako naghanap ng titulo na aayun dito. Kung Englis ay "Five Minutes" (napakasosyal naman, ayoko nang ganun. Kung Tausug naman eh "Lima Minit", at ang salitang "minit" ay hindi Tausug, thus defeating the purpose of the title to be purely Tausug. (Ayan, napa-englis ako bigla.)
Simulan na po natin ang kahibangang ito.
Limang minuto ay magsisimuala na in 3...2..1... Sulat! ======
Tulala ang titulo na naisip ko sa kwan na to (post ba ang tawag? ewan). Ewan ko rin, bas…

My Tawi-Tawi Adventure

Okay. Let us cool off a bit.
If you happened to live in the same road as me, and might have talk with me for some year, you would know that one of my greatest dreams is to visit all the Muslim Provinces of ARMM. I love to travel. I always treasure the times I learn something new every time I go to other places: I learn about the people and their lives; I would be fascinated by the views (be it cool natural scenes or even the 'uncool' slums and ‘squatter’s areas’; There are things that I can only see and realize when I am outside travelling. I see how (still) fortunate I am compared to those who’re suffering in hunger.  I see how wonderful Allah is. And I would be reminded and be grateful to Him in one way or the other for all the blessings I had. And so I told myself: “I will travel throughout Mindanao, and I will visit all the major Muslim places and see how their people live differently (or similarly) from our people in Sulu.
It was just a dream at first. I know I want to re…

Al-Barka Incident: Can We Just please, be Fair?


The recent incident that took place in Basilan last October 18, 2011 is not a new issue to all of us. It had happened again and again before, and it can always happen again next time. Unless something (and this something is actually a load of things) is changed. Something must be changed, and someone must do it (and that someone is not just one man).
Certainly, I was more disgusted by how the media portrayed the news to the common people. It was so much polarized, biased, misleading and a lot of twitched information was presented that made the people more confused than satisfied. And as how I expected it to be, the people are now divided. Those who were tricked and had fallen into the trap believed that proclaiming all-out-war is the solution. And those who knew what happened, were vigilant in voicing out what they know. Yet they were overpowered by the massive influence of media and they were outnumbered. Only a few would hear them. And a lot fewer would believe them.
Then …

Pagbunuh ha Basilan: How the MEDIA made it worst

Salamdua. iban Tagnaan natuh ha ngan sin mahasutsi Allah.

Ha bahgu-bahgu ra yan jimatuh na isab in pag-atubang sin dua pihak (MILF iban AFP) nagbunuh ha Al-barka, Basilan sin Oct.18, 2011. Kaingatan natuh na unu na mayan in naghappen bang natuh bassahun in news, atawa ka bang kita niyu kumita na sin TV. In reports gimuwa, bahasa in mga Sundalu AFP awn liyalawag nila hambuuk tau (atawa group) daing ha mga AbuSayaf yaun ha Kampo sin mga MILF. Sakali nagbaak man sila, amuna in tiyagnaan sin Pagbunuh nila limughay 8 jaam. 19 sundalu in miyatay, iban mga 3 kadtu (Kitaa niyu mayan ha news) in nashaheed ha MILF. In depensa sin MILF, i-attack kunuh sila kanda sila isab imatu balik.

Awn existing CEASEFIRE agreement ha time ini. so in pagbunuh sin dua, mabilang langgal sarah nag against ha Ceasefire. Sah hisiyu in Nagtagnah kaniya (sin pagbunuh)? didtu na nagTudluh2i na in mga tau. Kansa in kita isab nahilu na sambil.

In landuh tuud makasusa mga taymanghud, landuh tuud BIAS iban UN…

Be a Productive Muslim!

The hardest thing for the Muslim Youths of today (and let me include our adults, too) is how to balance our worldy affairs with our religious responsibilities in preparation for our next and more permanent life. When we try hard to be productive in this Dunya, we tend to forget our Akhira. When we concentrate our efforts in Akhira, we sometimes sacrifice our Rizq in this dunya. Balancing these two seems “impossible” for those who wanted to be best in both fields. Well, that was actually before. Worry no more my friends, because a new hope has come our way, Alhamdulillah!
Be a more Productive Muslim: getting the maximum benefits from both worlds (Dunya and Akhira) without sacrificing one for the other. Visit now! It is a comprehensive website with Articles about how to use your time wisely; how to manage your office; how to control your temper; how to relate with other people; all with most easy-to-follow tips and stories: with the touch of Islam.
It is someth…

FREEDOM is...You

One very interesting thing that I really liked doing is talking with friends, colleagues and those people who have higher intellectual minds than me in an informal way of chit-chats. We discuss important matters affecting our society and treat them just like sharing stories as old buddies would do (I always do the ‘listening’ part). But here’s the twist: There are certain questions thrown to you that would leave you wordless. You know what to say, but you don’t know how to utter them out. Your words and ideas become prisoners in your own cellar of minds. And the only way to relieve that stress is to write them down. Same thing I am doing right now.

“What is freedom?” and so the question goes, “Where does it really begin?” With all my effort to try and answer the question briefly yet completely, I was dumbfounded. Suddenly, I found myself in a trance where the world stopped spinning. Really, what do I know about FREEDOM? How do I know for sure, that what I am saying what Freedom is, i…


(Ikatlong parte ng HIndi-ko-malaman-kung-hanggang-ilang-parte-ito na seryeng "Limang Minuto". Simple lang po ang patakaran: sa loob ng limang minuto, ako ay magsusulat tungkol sa isang bagay (topic) ng walang pag-aalinlangan. Walang pag-EDIT at walang COPY-PASTE. Limang minuto ng pagsubok ay sisimulan na!
Topic: PLATO 5 minutes starts here==>
Plato. Kung iisipin mo hindi naman natin palaging napapansin ang mga bagay na ito. Mga munting bagay na gawa sa bato o plastic kung saan inahahain natin ang mga pagkain. Minsan isda minsan kakanin. Merong mgaplato na mahal, meron din na napaka mura at madaling masira. Merong may mga litrato ng mga pagkain, bulaklak, yung iba pa nga merong mga litrato ni doraemon. Yung iba na gawa sa metal, yung parang may segregation pa; pang-Kindergarten o pang-Kulungan na mga plato.
ANu kaya ang buhay kung wala sila. Kung ako ang tatanungin mu, Ok lang sa akin. ilang beses na rin ako kumain na walang plato. Minsan sa "plastic" lang (Emis…


In MSU, when you say OVERNIGHT it means going out with classmates to finish  certain requirement in your subjects; or having a group-study for your final exam the next day; or practicing and rehearsing for your drama and variety shows for your finals; much worst, it can also mean spending the whole 8 hours staying up at night in Internet Cafes. 
I thought it will all end there. That I will certainly miss those exhausting yet happy times I had. I graduated in college, and immediately entered the world of professionals. And then there it was, another kind of OVERNIGHT was actually existing in this new world. (I still cannot consider myself a full-pledged professional. I still look like a student anyway :-)
Professional life is truly far different for Student life.
aaaah! I cannot organize myself here. Sorry for the poorly-written post today.
Its 3AM and I still need to finish my report later this morning (at 8AM). Need to finish this,,,,
Good morning! Salam Kasilasa!

A quick Update

This is just a quick update of WHERE I HAVE BEEN for the past few days and WHAT I WAS DOING.
Last week, I requested a one-week Leave of Absence from my office to process my school papers (specifically my Diploma and TOR), in preparation for my applications in Med.School next June. By Thursday I went to MSU (my oh-so-dear alma mater) in Marawi City. And then, the supposedly my five-day stay in Marawi end up being extended, day by day.
Well, as to WHAT took me so long, only those who have experienced the MSU LIFE would be able to understand it well *nodding*. I would only say these words for those who don't know:  "When you plan on getting a job done in MSU by Monday, expect that you will finish it on Tuesday. The next week."
A lot of things did happened in my short visit in Marawi. I went to the Biology department, Com.Cent., Grandstand, Golf Course and other places MSU is known for. Met old friends and classmates who are now either in Masteral Courses, teaching an…