In MSU, when you say OVERNIGHT it means going out with classmates to finish  certain requirement in your subjects; or having a group-study for your final exam the next day; or practicing and rehearsing for your drama and variety shows for your finals; much worst, it can also mean spending the whole 8 hours staying up at night in Internet Cafes. 

I thought it will all end there. That I will certainly miss those exhausting yet happy times I had. I graduated in college, and immediately entered the world of professionals. And then there it was, another kind of OVERNIGHT was actually existing in this new world. (I still cannot consider myself a full-pledged professional. I still look like a student anyway :-)

Professional life is truly far different for Student life.

aaaah! I cannot organize myself here. Sorry for the poorly-written post today.

Its 3AM and I still need to finish my report later this morning (at 8AM).
Need to finish this,,,,

Good morning!
Salam Kasilasa!


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