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Dulang (Halal Restaurant): a place to be

By  Ahmad Ibn Hajiri     November 03, 2013    Labels:,,, 

Look for this signage :) and you will find Dulang
Craving for Halal and healthy Tausug foods? Are you searching for the best Piyanggang Manuk and Tiyula’ itum in Manila? Are you missing the tasty Bang-Bang Súg like Putli’ Mandi, Juwalan, Pastil, Pitis, patulakan and Wadjit? Have you been longing for the unique taste of Kahawa Súg? Or you are just curious how Tausug Dishes taste like? Then Alhamdulillah, you are in for a great treat! A new halal restaurant here in Manila is finally here to take away all your worries! Haha!

I could consider Dulang: Halal Restaurant as one of those treasure chests that you can rarely find in this vast sea of un-halalness (-_-) here in Manila. For Muslims living here in Manila, looking for a Halal restaurant is indeed a big problem, leave alone the cost, distance from where you are from and of course the taste of the food they serve. And Alhamdulillah, since the Dulang Manila branch opened here last year, it was indeed a great blessing to all Muslims and even non-Muslims with curious tongues.  :D Dulang serves great and tasty foods, all in a comfortable homey place and at a reasonable price! (PS I am not paid for this free advertisement, I just love this restaurant! Hahaha)

[Dulang, by the way, is a Tausug word for a tray of foods and delicacies served during special occasions as wedding, pagtammat, etc.]

Pastil, Putli' mandi, Pitis, Patulakan and other Tausug pastries available at P10.00 only
Budget Meal + Kahawa Sug = Yumm! Yumm!
Chicken or Beef? you choose
The All-time favorite: Tiyula' Itum
Kahawa Sug, another favorite ;)

 What do they serve? And how much?

 The prices of foods served in Dulang ranges from P10 to P100. Here’s a rough list of them:

Snacks etc
Price (Php)
Bang-Bang Súg (Tausug Pastries and snacks):
-Putli’ mandi, Wadjit, Pitis,etc.
Pastil (sayul batung)
Kahawa Sug(Native Coffee)
Siopao (Chicken)
Siopao (munggo)
Mi goreng
45.00 per serve
Mi goreng (short order, good for 4 persons)
Budget meals
= 1 cup rice, 1 veggie side dish, 1 meat viand except fish with free tiyula’ itum soup
Tiyula’ itum for those who don’t know, is the specialty and pride of all Tausugs
(this is my daily menu)
30.00 per serve
40.00 per serve
60.00-100.00 (varies depends on what viand)

Drinks, etc.
you can ask them there :D hehe

 What else do they have?

But their specialty is not just in preparing tasty foods, but also in making Dulang Maligays like these: (photo credits to Dulang Resto)


Where can we find Dulang in Manila?

 The complete address of Dulang here in Manila is:  
1313 M. Adriatico Street corner Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila.
Padre Faura
For those coming from outside Manila, you can ride Jeepneys going to Padre Faura and tell the driver to stop at Kashmir Restaurant or Ibarra’s Garden (just a block after Robinsons Manila, see my google map below). From there, you can see Dulang just beside the 7-Eleven store in Adriatico street.

If riding Jeepneys to Mabini,get down at City State Tower. Walk towards Robinsons Manila (you can ask the street vendors) along Padre Faura. If you see the 7-eleven store, turn right and you will find Dulang Halal Restaurant :)

Pedro Gil
If you are riding a jeepney to Pedro Gil, get down at Robinsons Manila (Ermita), enter the mall -_- then exit at Padre Faura “exit” (haha sorry not really good in giving instructions). From there, you can walk towards west or to the left (just going where the boulevard is) until you reach the 7-eleven store in Adriatico street which is a block away from Robinsons. 

If you did not understand any of my instructions above, PM me in facebook or text me. hahaha. I would love to accompany you there in shaa Allah.

Here’s the Map which I hope could somehow help: (from googlemaps with some added labels)


Contact Dulang

Dulang also accepts catering and delivery of foods within the area (Ermita, Malate) and also in Zamboanga City (where the main branch is). Here’s their contact in case you need it:


Landline: 02-666-6549
Mobile: 0926-447-8492

You can also find them at Facebook here: Dulang Restaurant (this is their main FB Page including the first Dulang resto in Zamboanga City)

Or check their photo Albums for their best Menus and other services here

See you in Dulang :D

Salam kasilasa!

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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