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My Anawangin Adventure 1/3

I have always wanted to go to Anawangin in Zambales. I have heard about the “hidden” paradise in the middle of mountain ranges, about the pine trees that grow on ashen-grey sands, the wonderful sunsets as the beach is directly facing the West Philippine Sea, and of course the crystal clear waters of Anawangin cove. And so, when such a golden opportunity of going there with fellow backpackers during my free weekend, I did not hesitate to grab it and go explore the wonders of Anawangin for myself. I even decided to cancel it hours before the trip! But I was glad I didn’t, Alhamdulillah! This is my account of that adventure. This is my Anawangin Adventure.
The Team The team composed of eight adventurous backpackers coming from different walks of life living around Metro Manila. We met at this online group ( where like-minded people meet and plan things out. This is not the first time that this group had organized a group trip around the country, but this is actually my first ti…

Intubation, Induction and the Hunger Games.

Clerkship Day 137: Anesthesiology

Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you all!). It’s been 5 days since our classes resumed. Actually, I prefer calling it “training” than “classes” because we don’t have much “class sessions” compared to when we were on our first three years in medschool. We are spending more time in the hospital, shadowing our doctors, trying to learn as much as we can from them. So yeah, it should be “training”. We are now training under the department of Anesthesiology and this will last for two weeks only. They told us that we are fortunate because there are only TWO medical schools in the whole country has clerkship trainings for Anesth. Cool! So it’s really best to make the most of our two weeks stay while we can. 
We’ve been to Surgery last time, so we are not that “alien” to the world of the Operating Rooms. Only this time, we are not working on the OR table anymore, but at the Anesth “territory”: that small, ever-present area where the anesthesiologist hide from …