A quick Update


This is just a quick update of WHERE I HAVE BEEN for the past few days and WHAT I WAS DOING.

Last week, I requested a one-week Leave of Absence from my office to process my school papers (specifically my Diploma and TOR), in preparation for my applications in Med.School next June. By Thursday I went to MSU (my oh-so-dear alma mater) in Marawi City. And then, the supposedly my five-day stay in Marawi end up being extended, day by day.

Well, as to WHAT took me so long, only those who have experienced the MSU LIFE would be able to understand it well *nodding*. I would only say these words for those who don't know: 
"When you plan on getting a job done in MSU by Monday, expect that you will finish it on Tuesday. The next week."

A lot of things did happened in my short visit in Marawi. I went to the Biology department, Com.Cent., Grandstand, Golf Course and other places MSU is known for. Met old friends and classmates who are now either in Masteral Courses, teaching and others in already in Med.School. (I, with a few number of persons I know,  was left behind). I even had the feeling that I never left MSU Marawi. It was just like before, not much had changed.

So far here are the best COMMENTS I had from my friends and colleagues:

"Mad! Pumuti ka!" Hajera Cariga, a very good friend from the Biology department was so shocked. And I was more shocked than her. Hey! Pumuti ba talaga ako? Ayoko maniwala.

"Kuya Mad, Nakakmiss ka rin pala!" -Revidall, after seeing me bigla sa may com.cent.

"Kuya, anung year kana?" -UVPN applicant; Graduate na po ako :-D

"Magkanta ka mun ang MSU Hymn" si Manong taga CNSM Deans Office. Tatang naman, naka-Grad na ako, bat pa ako kakanta para lang ma-approve yung papers ko. huhuhu. (At ako ay kumanta kasabay ang mga Freshmen.)

I'll tell more stories later on.
medyo pagod pa rin sa biahe.

I already Miss the COOL weather sa MSU.

Salam Kasilasa!


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