Be a Productive Muslim!

The hardest thing for the Muslim Youths of today (and let me include our adults, too) is how to balance our worldy affairs with our religious responsibilities in preparation for our next and more permanent life. When we try hard to be productive in this Dunya, we tend to forget our Akhira. When we concentrate our efforts in Akhira, we sometimes sacrifice our Rizq in this dunya. Balancing these two seems “impossible” for those who wanted to be best in both fields. Well, that was actually before. Worry no more my friends, because a new hope has come our way, Alhamdulillah!

Be a more Productive Muslim: getting the maximum benefits from both worlds (Dunya and Akhira) without sacrificing one for the other. Visit now!
It is a comprehensive website with Articles about how to use your time wisely; how to manage your office; how to control your temper; how to relate with other people; all with most easy-to-follow tips and stories: with the touch of Islam.

It is something you can visit each time you enter the web world. Hindi puro FB na lang...


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