And so it ended

Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you all!)

Our one-month rotation with the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for our ICC Training (OBGYN 250) finally ended today. It was indeed a wonderful experience, that 30-day madness trying to remember all those numbers (of what AOGs this test is requested and this condition wrecks havoc), the dragging days in the posts, and of course, the paper case protocols that never ended. Until today though. 

We had our "oral exam" earlier--which in the end turned out to be an essay-type written exam (hey! when was the last time I took an essay exam?)--then followed by the 100-item, 17-page comprehensive exam. Too long? Naah, it was actually a pretty fair exam if you really did your part, which ehem I think I failed in doing mine... anyway, enough of that.

After the 7-hour exam, we were all like:
One Piece Nakama Anime
We Survived! My dear Nakama!!!
(Originally from One Piece, all rights reserved to them :P)

So, the first semester of the newly shifted Academic calendar finally ended. And now we are having our 2-week Sem-break slash year-end slash Christmas break (for the Christian friends). Well, at least the ICCs and clerks still have the luxury of "vacations" which the interns unfortunately do not have, (poor them). And guess what? I wont be going home to Sulu this break! (due to a lot of reasons) So I have to find ways to make this 2-week vacation somewhat productive... Now I wonder how would that be realized? hmmm

For me two weeks is too short to be considered a vacation, even the past two years that passed was just like yesterday. leave alone 2-weeks right? I need a one-year break. OONEE YEAR! I'm serious! like this guy:

Library, School, Medicine, Funny

Yet still a break is a break, even how short they may be: that means no medical-related reading for two-weeks! Yipeeeey!

I am already trying to iron out my plans for the next few days. I do hope I could handle all these plans I made (in sha Allah). They pretty range from finishing my ever-unfinished write-ups, translation projects to hiking a mountain nearby. haha! talk about randomness. I will try (maybe) to post some updates if there are some "worthy" ones.

And lastly, I just want to say "Alhamdulillah!" (Praise be to Allah!)
Everything went well, and next year it's already 2015! Two more years and we will be graduating in sha Allah! (God willing!) **Optimism level: Maximum**

And to end this post, here's my block's last selfie pic with our OB-GYN Resident monitors (try to guess which of these 21 faces--except me of course--are the two residents MDs. clue: they are pretty young looking)

Medschool, UP, OBGyn, Students
This is my personal record for greatest number of people in a wacky selfie shot.

Spend your free days wisely everyone! :D
-Anakiluh, signing off!


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