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Ready for the hike!

By  AhmadMD _     December 21, 2014    Labels:,,,,,, 

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all!)

Just to let you all know, I am auto-scheduling this post to publish later. I am writing this at 9PM of December 20 and hopefully this will be published later, early morning the next day in sha Allah. I have to do that because (1) I just published a new post, so can't publish another one--bloggers don't do that! and (2) I will already be off to a new exciting adventure by the time I need this post to be published.

So much with that unnecessary long explanation. What is this all about?

I will keep it short (I hope my long-post syndrome already subsided).

I will be going on a hike! *yipeee! Fireworks! Fireworks! Confetti! Confetti!*

Well, it was already planned months ago. Some of my friends decided that we should really explore the world and not be poor little maggots stuck in a corner reading medical books and stuffs like that (*pffft! Such nerds! I would ever do that!) And so we ended in an agreement: We will climb a mountain nearby after all our exams are done! And here we are!

So where are we going? (Dora's house? Nope)

We are going to accept the challenge of hiking and climbing the legendary (kidding, I made that up), Mount Pico de Loro (It means "Parrot's beak", Spanish?) It's somewhere in Cavite, says google maps here: Pico de Loro Trail. Some 3-4 hours travel from Manila. Here's the best site that made me more excited for this: Mt. Pico de Loro

Never been there myself. And never climbed a mountain in Luzon yet, so this would be another first in sha Allah :) My last climb was years ago at Tawi-Tawi, climbing the ever-legendary Bud Bongao. Twice! 

I have always loved climbing mountains. I just love the cool breeze of air, the presence of nature around you, the challenge of going farther, and of course the wonderful scceneries that awaits you at the peak of every mountain. I am way too excited for this! haha. 

Ironically though, I have never climbed a single mountain in mainland Sulu yet! haha. Only once in Siasi, but that was just a small mini-mountain.

And to prepare for that climb, I went searching and reading on various travel blogs on what to expect there, and boy I am getting more excited every single time I read them haha. I checked on my old stuffs, and crossed those that I already have. I already have the following:
  • Pants, socks and other stuffs
  • Camera
  • Food ( a little)
  • Backpack
  • water (more water)
  • first aids
  • Extra shirts for swimming (yoohoo!)

And I came up with the following "shopping list": 
  • Hiking shoes (cheap)
  • long sleeve shirt 
  • hats?

Actually I just needed the hiking shoes, cheap ones as I cannot afford to buy the branded ones haha. In fact any pair of shoes would do, so long as they are good for inclined, irregular grounds. And so I went to the legendary Divisoria earlier and after hours in that labyrinth, here are the things I bought... Most of them, as you will realize, are not in my only-three-item shopping list. Really, I am no good in shopping. Kai Darul? Might need your expertise here!

Just a run-down of the things I bought:
  • rubber shoes (P350)
  • Flashlight (P100)
  • Three One Piece shirts (total of P380) --they're for my brothers, I swear! And I am an avid OP fan, cannot resist the temptation @_@)
  • one 3/4 sleeve shirt (P120)

The highlights (aka not in the original list but came out the most in number haha)

This one is surely mine *Dark Doctor grin*

Lesson of the day: Do not go to Divisoria with some extra money

Okay enough for the "preparations", I need to work on some real stuffs tonight :)
We will be going to leave at around 5:30 (just after Subuh prayer AND Simbang Gabi) and might return to Manila by later in the afternoon if not the evening. 

Let us pray for our safe return. *Ameen*

On a serious note, here's a prayer when travelling on an unknown place (thanks bro-in-law Kah Ali for this :)

"Audhu bikalimatillahi taamati min sharri maa khalaq"
Which in English is "I take refuge with Allah's perfect Words from the evils of those He has created" [Saheeh Muslim (3/1599)] 

Salam Kasilasa!
See you soon!

About AhmadMD _

Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.


  1. Salam.
    Whoah! I envy you. :-)
    I would love to do that one day.

    1. In sha Allah you will one day :) Start with the nearest mountain first, and go with experienced friends ;)

  2. I felt the excitement in this post. I think you forgot to include cookset and sleeping bag on your list? Though it was just a day hike, you will still be needing them ~ I think haha. Next climb Pulag na. ☺ Safe trip.

    1. We honestly want to camp there, but we dont have much time as this was the only date we are free (some of my friends have to go home by the next day) so no sleeping bag nor cooksets, we just brought our lunch from Manila haha

      Yes, we plan on ambitiously going to Pulag one day! haha


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