Rants in PGH

 MD = Manong Duties?

NICU Manong Starter pack.
Nakakadismaya at nakakapagod. Why do future MDs doing this anyway? we honestly learn nothing from it? 

After listening to my fellow interns (especially PGIs or Post-Graduate Interns from other medschools) comparing the internship training from other hospitals, I just realized how much we students have been living with disappointments in this field of training. Really, a lot of "ideal" things could have been done to maximize our learning and training for our final year in this prestigious hospital and yet, we end up doing the things that are not actually "suitable" for future doctors to do. (Read: magtulak ng stretcher, mag-akyat-baba ng lab results, etc. instead of directly taking care of patients or reviewing for the boards?) *well, not all the time naman ganito nangyayari... pero still, di talaga siya maganda tingnan.
I know, this has always been the norm. That our previous alumni and now professors have experienced far worst than these. But really, is there nothing else we could do to change it? For, let say, making it more "future-doctor friendly"?
I know there is this big issue of lack of man-power. But is it really wise to use your medical interns (after all the years of medical training) to do these scut works? why not hire more workers who could help? Aren't we wasting too much human reasources kung yung mga doctor-to-be natin nagiging "manong" na lang? Sobrang sayang po. Sobrang unfair sa mga magiging future patients namin.
The questions we now keep on pondering:
Are we all doing these because this is the least we could do to help our patients?
Are we simply following it because it is just what was and has always been in this vicious cycle of "tradition"?


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