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Deactivated my FB Account

By  AhmadMD _     August 31, 2016     
I recently deactivated my facebook account for good. 
Why? First for personal reasons, and second, I just had enough of all these non-sense in that site. Indeed I have  a lot of things that would make things easier for me, but I have to sacrifice that for a better option. Communications now will be thru email or mobile phones.

Pls keep posted.
= = = = 

About AhmadMD _

Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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  1. Assalaamalaikum

    MAny thanks for your write up on Lapu Lapu who I am certain now, was a Muslim and resisted Magellan because of his Islamic beleifs.
    My proud Filipino friends here in Dubai do not agree! They are proud of their nationality as Filipinos little knowing that the word comes from Imperial Spain and thier despotic King Philip II!


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