Welcome to UPCM Family, Class 2020!

Alhamdulillah! (All praise be to Allah!) After the loooong wait, the list of admitted applicants who passed the rigorous application process in UPCM is now up! We now have the initial list of LU3 students (1st year Medicine Proper) for the school year 2015-2016. 

MashaAllah! I can still remember that day when I received the same news, it was still unbelievable for me! Allahu akbar! (Allah is great!) And now I can't believe I am already about to end my third year in UP College of Medicine as an ICC and a proud member of the awesome Class 2017! 

It was a life-changing news for me. And I am sure this will surely be another life-changing news for the 160 applicants as well ^_^ 

To check the list of successful admitted applicants, just click this link 

Snapshot of the official announcement of the UP College of Medicine website
This year, Alhamdulillah we have 3 Muslims (that I know of) ^_^ I already met two of them. And I am not sure if there are still other Muslims in the roster (there are Muslims with non-muslim names you know?). I will make sure to meet all of them before my toxic clerkship year begin next year in sha Allah!

For now, let's focus on our current problem: Last week in Surgery ^_^

Salam Kasilasa!
busy Ahmad


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