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What's in my mind

By  AhmadMD _     February 03, 2011     

It's a Freezing February in Marawi. And what's in my mind?

I am thinking of me entering Med.School next year. Ameen. At first I have considered stopping for a while (that's one year, it's certainly IS a WHILE). And perhaps find some job to earn small money. Save some, and use it for my first enrollment. But then came the NMAT result: I got a really-really-really unexpected percentile score of 98%! whoa! And it means I can avail more scholarship with this score. And that turned my decision on a total U-turn: I Will enroll in Med School. And I will be the first Doctor in our Family! Yeah!

As for the schools I am planning to enroll in, i have the top three yet: UP Med; St.Lukes' and MSU Med.

Graduation (at last!) and I can't help thinking: "really, am i now going to graduate? It felt like I had just finished paying my first Student fee at the Cashier's Office!" After all the overnights spent; the amazing mist (fog) that covered golf course; every frustrating exams in our Major subjects; endless discussions and book scanning; reading piles of photocopy (MSU Style); eating with "gloves" (it's not the regular gloves guys, ask the MSUans about it:-); eating the same "ulam" for four long, veeery long, years; going to different places during fieldtrips; meeting deadlines on a brink of time; having yourself look funny on a Music Video; hangovers in other rooms in the dormitory; duty hours watching Movies even the exam is already the next day; being scold at by the Security Guard after forgotting your ID; and everything you can imagine. I just can't feel like I'm already GOING out of that world. certainly, I WILL MISS THIS.

But oops, I'm not yet there. I am just almost there. And I wanted to use the very last minute of this remaining time i have in my college life. I want to learn more. Discover more. Explore more. If only I have more time to do so.

Two words: MY THESIS. Of course I wont be able to reach the above mentioned goals if and only if I wont be able to pass my remaining Subjects: and it means finishing my thesis as well. (now that I mentioned it, i was supposed to finish tallying the results. hehe). So, that's it, I am thinking about my thesis, and i want it to be done as early as I can! I want to graduate, pls. lang.

the title of my thesis:
"Phenotypic Variation of tausugs, meranao, and Kamayo tribes in Different Areas in Mindanao Based on Selected Genetic traits"

Pretty Interesting isn't it?

SOLSS. Being the President of a department with a population of more than 300 Students is not a joke. Really, I'm not kidding. And I have less than two months left to handle all the responsibilities and lend all possible service me and my officers can do. I already grew up in the BIOLOGY DEPT and heart already belonged to this place. I don't want to leave it there without me being able to repay Her. Aja! we are still on the move!

(Science Week is on Feb14-20, 2011)

Nothing Follows. (Honestly, I have a lot of things to think about these days, but this is the top four so far. They never left my blogging mind even in my dreams!)

What I am doing now:
  • Reading: Paulo Coelho's Valkyrie
  • Malcolm Rose's TRACES: a murder case
  • Just Finished the Video "Munting Pangarap" wherein I became the main actor (for the first time) directed by Sohy Gonting, a good friend. It was a documentary film about child labor. just a 10-min. clip:-)
  • and Pls visit my new Web Page: http://www.asmusahari.weebly.com It is still practically empty yet. but atleast you can still check it out.

Sharing this Photo of me with my Bro: harun during a Quiz show where our Organization, CNSM IQC got the Grand Slam Champion.

About AhmadMD _

Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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