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The Power of Attraction

By  AhmadMD _     March 22, 2012     
Inspired by the book “The power of Intentions” by Dr.Wayne Dyer and dedicated to one of the most brilliant friend I had: Ms. Kartini Tahir. (Naks may bayad yan)

“Life is a boomerang,” she told me that one cold night as we were on the Rural Transit Bus raging its way from Pagadian to Zamboanga. It was half-past ten in the evening, the silence of the sleepy passengers only disturbed by the sound of the bus engine and the almost-mute volume of the tele-screen at the front showing some Hollywood movie. I was sitting on the aisle-seat beside her. She was seated on the window-side, her eyes looking through the window, fixed on the ever-moving glimpses of dim lights from the small residences along the road. She was in her own deep thoughts that time, as if looking at stars in the deep darkness of the night.

“And what does it mean?” I finally asked after being unsure if I really understood what she said.

She managed a sleepy smile upon hearing my innocent question, her eyes still wandering outside. Then she said, “Whatever you throw—be it good or bad—will always come back to you… That’s what it means.”

“I see. I cannot seem to disagree with that,” and I smiled back at her, she was now beaming at me like a young little sister who had just received a present from me.. She never said a word after that. She went back on her cozy seat and tried to take as much nap as she can afford for the long duration of our travel back home.
A minute later and she’s now sound asleep. I, on the other hand, was now looking through that same window, wandering through my own world of thoughts and imaginations; pondering on what my friend had just told me.

It was said by Dr. Dyer on his book entitled “The Power of Intentions” that our ‘intentions’ can actually become ‘physical energies’ than just mere ‘abstract ideas’. And as such, they also have the ‘power’ to attract the same energies towards them. The stronger the energy, the stronger the attraction it would cause. This is basically called the “Power of Attraction”.

Simply put, when you have positive intentions, you keep on having positive thinking, and you act on these positive actions, you will have the greatest possibility of attracting more and more positive ‘things’ to your life. You will be experiencing a lot of positive events or occurrences in your daily endeavor. You will feel blessed, hopeful, happy, fulfilled, and the list just keeps on going. Your life will be a life of accomplishments. Of course, this also applies to the other ‘charge of energy’: the negativity side.
This phenomenon is never far from our beloved Prophet (SAW)’s hadith in the Sahihayn (Bukhari and Muslim): “Innamal A’malu Binniyah…”, “Verily, every action is accompanied by its intention” (or so was said).

As how our renowned scholars interpret this hadith, we were taught by the Prophet (SAW) that the results of our actions will always be attached to how we intended (niyat) it to be. If we act on something, with our intention to have worldly gains, we will certainly have it Insha’Allah. And if we act with the intention of pleasing the Almighty Allah, we will get His blessings and promises both here and in the Akhira, Insha’Allah.
If you act for good, you will receive goodness. If you act for evil, you will receive its due. “What you throw will always come back to you”.
That is why our intentions are always given importance in our life. But we seldom place our focus and attention to it. We were too busy attending to so many things that are of less importance. Why do we have to be in fear, when we can still believe and be brave? Why do we worry so much, when we can still pray? Why do we have to be in despair when in fact, we can still be hopeful? Why be sad, if we can be happy anyway?
Why keep on thinking about the negativity of this world, if we are actually attracting more negativity to it? Why not be more positive; always look at the brighter side of each plane and have a better outlook in life? This is the Power of Attraction, and each one of us was given this gift, this power. So why not use it wisely?
Indeed I have learned a lot in this short post, and I hope others will, too.
Salam Kasilasa.
(Honestly, I have only read one page—just a single page—of that book. :-P)

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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