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Graduation: An End and a Beginning

By  Ahmad Ibn Hajiri     March 29, 2015    Labels:,,, 
Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you all!)

It's already the end of March. And I almost forgot that this month is among the most anticipated months in every year that comes: The month were we see hopeful faces go "marching" during graduations as they celebrate the end of their journey in that particular part of their lives. (I wonder if "March" got its name from that, and if it is, wonder how this particular month was called before that? haha). I was reminded by these thoughts when I went to attend a High school graduation in North Fairview. It was an unplanned activity, yet it was something worth reflecting about as it made  me remember things as well.

Looking at the young hopeful graduates that day, it reminded me of myself and my fellow graduates years and years back. I could feel their excitement, hear their loud cheers, see that hopeful gaze upon the future, looking forward to a new chapter in their life that will unfold. An end, and a new beginning.

"This is not the end, but actually a new beginning for us" I heard the Class Valedictorian proudly addressed her fellow graduates. It was a statement that we have heard over and over again in these kinds of occasions. Even I myself have uttered those words a few times back then. We can already call it a universal cliché if you want. But didn't those words run true for everyone?

Everything must end (except the Endless, Almighty of course). And in every ending, comes a new beginning. When our mothers gave birth to us, her labor ended and our new life began. In every year that ended, there comes a new 365 days to look forward to. In every single day that ends, another day begins as well. We finish high school and begin our college life; after years of study, we will finish college and begin another chapter of our lives. Even every book that has end, there will always come a new book to open. Even death, that we could already consider the end of all, is actually a new beginning as well: A new beginning for the bereft family to start a new life without that beloved one. And most importantly, a new beginning for that soul, a new journey towards meeting his Most Merciful Creator. 

An End. A New Beginning. Two opposite things that can not exist without the other; a continuous cycle in our life that defines the roads we take, the story we live, the journey we strive to live by.

On a more cheerful side of the story, let me congratulate all the graduates this year (just like a politician haha) Congratulations! May your new beginnings be a wonderful experience for all of you!

(No photos, I failed to bring my camera that day)

Salam Kasilasa,

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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  1. Indeed every ending is a new beginning :) Sayang though hindi pa tayo bakasyon :(( gusto ko ng magsummer! haha


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