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"Bakit hindi ka nag Nursing?" --Oh pls. don't ask me that!

By  AhmadMD _     July 16, 2011    Labels: 
A hell of a question.

When some people ask me what my course was (or "is" if I pretend to be still a student), they raise their eyebrows after telling them that I finished BS Zoology. Then comes the ever-expected-question: "What's that? Ba't di ka nagNursing?"

From my very first room-mate in MSU Marawi, to my High School batchmates who always thought I was BSN; to new friends I meet along the road of Life, and even to jeepney drivers whom I come to talk with. They all end up with that same, sour-look in their eyes and ask that same question.

Again, hell of a question people ask me (and other people stuck like me, too).


Now let me clear things up here and explain why I DID NOT enroll BSN (its a personal choice); and why, of all the courses in the world, I would pick BSN last (No offenses intended for the BSN Students. Most of my frends are BSN Grads, BSN Students or still aspiring for BSN. 4 of my 5 barkadas are BSN people, the other one was me.) And I would hope, no one would ask me the question again: WHY NOT CHOOSE NURSING?

(Note: all reasons stated herein are all influenced and created by the personal intellect of the author. it is pure opinion. No facts. Debates are not allowed even if we have to. Kaya walang halong personalan po eto.)
  • Number 1 reason: I JUST DON'T LIKE IT! Now don't ever argue with me, its my personal opinion and choice! The reasons "why" I don't like BSN would be explained in my next reasons.

  • Number 2: Going with the crowd is not in my personality (at least, not all the time). I don't make choices for myself because everyone else is doing it. Tsaka, now that EVERYONE is going for BSN, the more reason I would have for myself NOT to follow! Masyado nang marami eh! We are already over-populated with these nurses bakit pa ako dadagdag sa problema.

  • Number 3: I always think BSN are for GIRLS. (yeah right, I hear a lot of comlaints now. Its just my opinion. You can disagree on it)

  • Number 4: Working abroad (which is among the main reasons people are running for BSN) never ever had a place in my future Plans. And we cannot deny the fact that most students now are going for BSN b'coz they wanted to go out from this country and find a good job with dollars on teir payrolls. Considering the fact that working locally is getting more and more obscure and hard, people are now thinking practically. They pack their backs and ZOOOOM! they fly away.
Its fun going abroad, but working outside is not. And we'll need a whole new post to discuss that.

  • Number 5: I want to be unique. Just the sound of "Zzzz" every time I say "I am a BS Zoology Graduate" rings a "cooolness" in it. (ito ata pinakamababaw na reason). But still, I love what I finished, and I did not regret why I did not enrolled BSN. 

Well, there are a lot more reasons here, pero yan lang po muna ang top 5 ko.
I am not trying to discourage evryone to pursue BSN. Pero sana ang mga kabataan natin nagun ay mag-isip2 at piliin ang totoong kurso na gusto nila. Mahirap magpatuloy ng pag-aaral kung ayaw mo talaga un. of course there are more things to consider here (major one is the parents' choices). and again, we'll need another post to discuss that.)

Hoping things are clear now..

Salam kasilasa!
Anak Iluh

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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