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An After-Eid Inspiration

By  Ahmad Ibn Hajiri     September 04, 2011    Labels:,,,, 
Days after Eidul Fitr, one of my best friends, Aldam Absara, and also my beloved brother in Islam shared to me the following text message. It was so inspiring and full of meaning to me that I have decided to re-share it here. May Allah bless him for reminding me andd his other friends, and may Allah Guide us all-especially the young Ummah-to the only right path.

(The original text is in Tausug, I will try my best to translate it to English in this post. To those who do not wish to read the Tausug text, kindly scroll down to the English version. With Peace! :-)

"In tau biyah (sapantun) kappal.. Bahgu tumulak magbalik, mag-guna da isab humali-hali ha jambatan bat kalanuan marayaw, iban in gas niya kaganapan...

Biyah sapantun sin pagdungguh natuh bahgu yan ha bulan ramadhan...Bihaun Insha'Allah, kiyalanuan in nyawa natuh, kiya-Gasan in pag-iyman natuh, narenovate in pikilan natuh... Sah bang in nadawhat ta marayaw ha bulan Ramadhan luppasun natuh, naaa, biyah ra kita niyu sin sapantun amun kappal larak, kulang in Gas (pag-iyman)...

Ha dagat dakula' iya-agaran alun umuntas amun way hinarun. Naa, tantu niya maluhnud tuud kitaniyu ha ppagdunya.

Hangkansa mga taymanghud ha pag-aghama... Pagtaykud natuh na man ha jambatan, subay ta hibutang pa pikilan, dih ta tuud matantu bang maka-dungguh pa kita pa sumunod jambatan. Dih ta matantu bang kita maka-abut pa magbalik sin Bulan Ramadhan:  Amun bulan mulya maluhay pagkamdusan sin pag-iyman.

Kansa Insha'Allah, ha mga bulan ha gihtungan sin dua Ramadhan, huminang kitaniyu sin mga makaku-kusug pag-iyman biyah na sin pagsambahayang ha waktu, pagbassa Qur'an, pagdungug nasihat, pagparayaw sin addat, etc.

Iban lumayuh isab kitaniyu ha mga kakahinang maka lamma sin pag-iyman biyah na sin paglisuh2, pagdungug kalangan, pagkita, pagbissara iban pagdungug sin mga unu2 na wayruun kapaiddahan niya. iban sin mga pianglangan (sin aghama)...

Assalamu Alaikum. Magmaap iban magsukul..."

I would try to translate this beautiful message into English. Roughly, the message says:

"People are like ships. They have docks (or ports) to stop by; to let (the ships) rest, to be cleaned up and refueled. All of these things would be done before setting sail towards a new journey. To assure a good and safe trip in the future.

Just as how we (the Muslims) had stopped by recently during Ramadhan. We have cleaned our souls; refueled our (hearts with) iyman (faith) we have renovated our minds (and way of thinking through discipline)...

But when we would only belittle these wonderful gifts we had in Ramadhan, and put them into waste, we would surely become one of those "destructed" ships: rusted and neglected; devoid of faith. And as we sail through the raging waves of this life, we will certainly face our own doom: we will certainly sink (be drowned) in this Dunya (worldy pleasures).

So my dear brothers in the Deen, as we now have set sail from Ramadhan, let us always keep in mind that we have no way of knowing if we will still see the next dock; we will never know if we will still reach the next Ramadhan to come: a very blessed month that we can easily increase our faith in Islam.

InshaAllah, even in the months between two Ramadhans, we should still keep on doing good deed and ibaadahs taht we did in Ramadhan. Pray Salaah regularly; read the Holy Qur'an; listen to Naseehats; do good deeds; etc. And should nevertheless still avoid the things that makes us weaker in iyman. (We should stop) being lazy; listening to musics; watching (TVs), listening and talking about anything with no benefit to us (and to our community), and all those things that had been unlawful to us.

Assalamu Alaikum, Maaf and Thank you..."

The author of this blog would like to add:

Let us not waste what Allah had given to us From one Ramadhan to another.
Let us make each day of our lives as if every day is Ramadhan.
I hope each of us learned something from this :-) 

Belated Eid Mubarak to all my brothers in Islam!

About Ahmad Ibn Hajiri

Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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  1. Assalamualiakum madz... magsukul...
    jazakallah khairan bro!
    kamaya lang...


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