Anger Burns in me.

I was supposed to post about the happy days I had this week. But it seems I have to turn right, and drive through another road. And let those unpublished essays stay under my table for a while. they can wait. This one I cannot take any longer.

I am angry.

Angry, because things are getting worst in my homeland, Sulu.
Angry, because there are more kidnappings, day by day.
Angry, there was a report of a massacre of a Muslim Family; no actions done for their justice.
Angry, because the civilians were left helpless; no where to go.
Angry, and most of us don't know or didn't even care.
Angry, our political leaders are pretending that these things did not even happened!
I am Furious! Because I can't do anything but weep in my room;
curl in my bed, crying out those unknown names of victims;
feeling the agonies that filled the hearts of the innocent civilians;

I feel furious.

Yet I must not Loose hope. Never should I give up!

And now, I only have YOU to help me pray; and Allah to accept our prayers.

"Fainna Ma'al Usri yusraa... Inna ma'al Usri Yusraa..." 

I keep reminding myself with these verses from the Holy Qur'an:

"So Verily, with every difficulty comes relief... Verily with every difficulty comes relief..." 

And I keep myself strong and firm. Feeling my seemingly-empty heart with HOPE with the Promise of Allah, that someday, after all these difficuties our people in Sulu are now suffering from, a day--or even just an hour--of relief will come. InshaAllah!


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