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Why Anak Iluh?

By  AhmadMD _     September 08, 2011    Labels: 

(The reasons why)

This was my "Why Anak Iluh" page before.

Why Anak Iluh?

(edited April 10, 2012)

Anak Iluh means 'orphaned child'. Two Tausug words: 'Anak' meaning 'child' or 'son/daughter' and ‘Iluh’ which is the equivalent of the English word 'orphan'. I consider myself an 'Anak iluh' (though, not a complete orphan. I still have my beloved Inah, Alhamdulillah). I lost my father when I was at the young age of four (a month before I became five and enroll in school). This paved way to various realizations in my life.

I never grew up with a father's hand leading my way; I sought and found answers to questions I have by myself; I became closer to the poor children whom I shared the same fates; I learned to see things the way a common Tausug child would; I learned to give importance to every little thing I have. And along my long journey in life, I realized and believed that everything indeed happened with a purpose; everything is created or lost for a reason. It is all planned according to the will of the One True God: Allah the Most-Merciful.

Why Write?

I believe each one of us is a writer--even if you do not know how to write. You write your own story through your actions, thoughts, and aspirations. You can choose how your story would be; and you also leave marks in the lives of others. We are all writers, one way or the other; we only use different media. Not just words but thoughts.

Writing is one of the best legacies anyone can have. There are numerous things that you can share, teach and learn through writing. Every single idea you wrote on a paper, be it a single sentence or even a book, it would be your living legacy to the world; a gift you can share to the next generations to come; an undying dream you can achieve. "So why not grab a pen and write?" I always ask myself. And so here I am.

I also consider writing as my ‘escape route’. There are always times when I have a lot of things in my mind (that I can no longer sleep because of them, bothering me so much); and the only way to ‘free’ those ‘prisoners’ in my head is to write them down. I search for a pen, any piece of paper I find, write them down, and whoosh! I can finally have a good-night sleep. Yeah, that’s what’s writing for me is.

Why Blog?

I have been long dreaming of publishing my own books. It all started way back when I first learn to read a book. I told myself: "If these people can write such number of books, why don't I do the same?" I always challenge myself in various things, and until now I am still on the challenge of publishing my very first gift to the people: my Books. But of course, the journey doesn't end there. Certain actions must be done, one step at a time. And blogging is one of my first steps in achieving that dream.

There is no success without the taste of sacrifices. Failures would always come your way to test you; if how determined you really are in doing the job. I have written, submitted and resubmitted various articles, essays and write-ups (if I am not in the lazy mode), yet most of them end up in trash cans. And to cope up and to be able to publish my once-rejected works, a blog is certainly the right answer!
At least I can still share to the world what I am writing about.

I do not blog to please anybody; and I am certainly not blogging to earn money (although I think I am now considering that option. hehehe). So when people would be discouraged or irritated on my writings, I have to apologize for that. But I won’t change my views. I will, of course, stand for it. I won’t write something that can destroy someone's life or status anyway; that's not a work of a Muslim anymore. And I am trying my best to be as good as a Muslim I can be. So PEACE out, my brothers!

What else?

Most of my topics in Anakiluh Blog would rotate around the tags 'Islam', 'Sulu', 'Youths' and 'Me'. I cannot just write about something I do not know and those I am not interested with. So as long as it has to do about Islam (Any little thing I can share); Sulu (History, People, scenes, events, etc.) and the simple things I came across with in my daily walks, you will find it here.

This blog started as a personal Blog and a 'storage box' for my ‘rejected’ essays and writings. Even some of my posts in this blog were taken from my Journals in the past years. At first, I had thought of making this blog purely in BAHASA SINUG (the language of the Tausug People) as you might have observed in my earliest posts. But then I came to realize that if I want to have more readers, I should use a language that can reach most of the people. And that would be English. I may not be that good in English but I am trying my best. I do not really care on the rules of grammar; all I am concern with is that I would be able to communicate to the people what I have in my mind.

Sometimes, when I like it, I also use Tagalog. Just when I feel like a post would be better when written in Tagalog. But my first choices would still be either Tausug or English.

Other Works:

Please check out my LINKAGE PAGE


I am faithfully dedicating this humble blog to the following:

1) The my Homeland: Lupah Sug (Sulu), and her people, whom I always find my inspirations;
2) To my dearest Inah, who had served as my guiding light;
3) To my father, his memory I will always cherish; and
4) To the Muslim Ummah, and my brothers in Islam.

Please also visit my Photo-Blog: www.warnah.blogspot.com.
Learn more about my story here: "The Bird that took Flight" by ARNL Alonto
Magsukul... (thanks)

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Ahmad is a young Tausug Physician now serving as one of the Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB). He is a free spirit. He loves coffee. And fish.

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